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    great article by reuters on the famous Chinese builder who achieved fame for building a hotel in 2 weeks; he’s now going to break the Burj Khalifa’s record in 3-4 months.

    YinYang, is there anyway you can put the youtube vids or youku vids in some sort of ‘drop down’ spoiler function? the open forum has been getting so long, it’s taking a while to load on my old laptop;)

  2. @Zack

    Wow, great article!


    I also have to concur if it’s possible to perhaps split the “forum” up a bit? This page is getting HUGE :)

    Since you’re using WordPress, maybe take a look at BBPress or something similar?

  3. i’ve noticed something when the western media refer to Asian political administrations, especially if they’re countries which could likely rival the Western powers, the western media often refer to such administrations as ‘ruling party’ rather than ‘the xyz administration’ which would be the term used for american or other western democratically elected parties. Naturally, the effect is to subtly imply that these Asians are by nature undemocratic, and so must remain neutered via the guiding hand of the West.

    If you want to get an idea of ‘the perfect Asian ally’, look no further than the Philipines; the country is beggared, neutered of any hope of becoming anything like an Asian Tiger, and slavishly follows the diktat of its colonial master, Washington.

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