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No, the Chinese does not express glee over Shinzo Abe’s assassination and how western propaganda got it wrong about what Chinese thinks of Abe

Let’s get this out of the way: Shinzo Abe is not liked in China. Many reasons including. 1) visiting the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo which honors Japanese war dead, including convicted Class A war criminals. 2) deepening Japanese ties to the U.S leading to the formation of the “quad”. 3) became an advocate to ‘defend Taiwan’ after he stepped down. 4) tries to whitewash Japanese textbooks over the atrocities that Japan has made during World War II, and etc… Which is why western propaganda is wrong about the “Nationalistic fervor” over a Chinese reporter who cried over Abe’s death.


Again, the western propaganda misunderstand the whole reason why the Chinese are angry with her in the first place. We should be saddened by his death, however, the Chinese were angry because Zing Ying claims that Abe ‘improved relations’ between China and Japan when he clearly did the opposite.

Recently, I saw an article in Politico’s website about the recent Assassination of Shinzo Abe.


It seems that Politico has gotten all wrong of the so called ‘nationalistic fervor’ over the assassination over Abe. He represents the problem with the China Japan relations while he was the Prime Minister of Japan and after but his death won’t solve the issue because there will be many more Japanese politicians who will take his place. His death does not benefit China but in fact, his death would do the very opposite by western propaganda agitating conflict between China and Japan.


Even in the backdrop of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, about 1/2 of the Japanese who believe in revising Article 9 in the self defense treaty while the other are against it. So I would not be surprised that a good number of people in Japan not agree with Abe’s policies in the first place. Western touted his policy of “Abeconomics” but only increased the divide between the rich and the poor and because of Abe’s economic mismanagement has brought the Yen to a 40 year low. Out of all things, the person who killed Abe was a former SDF.

Within Japan, there is a lot of Anti-China sentiment and in China, there is a lot anti-Japan sentiment. However, I am sure that many Chinese and Japanese don’t want a war between the two countries. This is what Western countries want, a conflict between China and Japan so the Japanese can be used as Cannon fodder much like how Ukrainians used as cannon fodder in its conflict against Russia. Many Chinese believe Abe is what’s wrong with Japan in the first place, but at the same time the Chinese does not celebrate his death. Unfortunately, Abe’s legacy will further strengthen upon his death, which clearly the Chinese does not want.

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