大山的女兒–Daughter of the Mountain

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I was not a fan of the Chinese TV dramas for a long time since they tend to be aping Western dramas and lacking passion. This time I have to recommend “Daughter of the Mountain” for anyone interested in China; anyone interested in why West considers China a threat, and why the charge of genocide against China is nonsense.
The story was based on a real person. A young woman from Chung (national minority) minority from mountains of Southwest China. She graduated from Beijing’s Normal University with a master’s degree with scholarship for financial help. She decided to return to her home province as anti-poverty worker with the title of First Party Secretary in a village and a group of hamlets with a population around 1,000. She turned down secured job offers and her boyfriend’s marriage proposal to stay in Beijing. Instead, she counter proposed to him that she will accept his marriage proposal if he follows her to return to their home province. She arrived in the village in July 2017. In a little over 1 year, she managed to gain the trust of the villagers and their love. Obvious there probably are exaggerations to dramatize various problems and solutions, but the docudrama was effective in illustrating how difficult it is to irradicate poverty. She died in a flash flood during her way back to the village. From the real memorial, her picture shows the actress playing her is quite like her, pretty and young. She was 30.

As readers will said, this is a propaganda film; 30 episodes around 40 minutes each, yet from this docudrama you can glimpse why China is a threat to West or Capitalism. Such characters like Ms. Wong are rare yet not rare. It’s Christ like yet ordinary. We dismiss China’s claim of 800 million helped from extreme poverty; her slogan of “Serve the People”, but Biden and Trump take China as a serious threat. One can be sure there are other Uighur First Party Secretaries in Xinjiang doing similar jobs raising living standards, not ethnic cleansing.

In the U.S. we have plenty of unselfish people helping others. From Bill Gates donating billions trying to eliminate diseases, Leon Cooperman giving financial help to whole classes in Harlem for college expenses, to thousands helping in soup kitchens. From government food stamps to Medicaid. Yet what we have is instead more division, more resentment of unequal distribution of wealth, but not toward the billionaires, but toward homeless and illegal immigrants. There is hope in China and despair in the West.

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No, the Chinese does not express glee over Shinzo Abe’s assassination and how western propaganda got it wrong about what Chinese thinks of Abe

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Let’s get this out of the way: Shinzo Abe is not liked in China. Many reasons including. 1) visiting the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo which honors Japanese war dead, including convicted Class A war criminals. 2) deepening Japanese ties to the U.S leading to the formation of the “quad”. 3) became an advocate to ‘defend Taiwan’ after he stepped down. 4) tries to whitewash Japanese textbooks over the atrocities that Japan has made during World War II, and etc… Which is why western propaganda is wrong about the “Nationalistic fervor” over a Chinese reporter who cried over Abe’s death.


Again, the western propaganda misunderstand the whole reason why the Chinese are angry with her in the first place. We should be saddened by his death, however, the Chinese were angry because Zing Ying claims that Abe ‘improved relations’ between China and Japan when he clearly did the opposite.

Recently, I saw an article in Politico’s website about the recent Assassination of Shinzo Abe.


It seems that Politico has gotten all wrong of the so called ‘nationalistic fervor’ over the assassination over Abe. He represents the problem with the China Japan relations while he was the Prime Minister of Japan and after but his death won’t solve the issue because there will be many more Japanese politicians who will take his place. His death does not benefit China but in fact, his death would do the very opposite by western propaganda agitating conflict between China and Japan.


Even in the backdrop of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, about 1/2 of the Japanese who believe in revising Article 9 in the self defense treaty while the other are against it. So I would not be surprised that a good number of people in Japan not agree with Abe’s policies in the first place. Western touted his policy of “Abeconomics” but only increased the divide between the rich and the poor and because of Abe’s economic mismanagement has brought the Yen to a 40 year low. Out of all things, the person who killed Abe was a former SDF.

Within Japan, there is a lot of Anti-China sentiment and in China, there is a lot anti-Japan sentiment. However, I am sure that many Chinese and Japanese don’t want a war between the two countries. This is what Western countries want, a conflict between China and Japan so the Japanese can be used as Cannon fodder much like how Ukrainians used as cannon fodder in its conflict against Russia. Many Chinese believe Abe is what’s wrong with Japan in the first place, but at the same time the Chinese does not celebrate his death. Unfortunately, Abe’s legacy will further strengthen upon his death, which clearly the Chinese does not want.

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The Overt Politicization of the Origins of Covid-19

June 28th, 2022 No comments

Recently, some western news outlets have been reporting that WHO Director privately believes Covid-19 entered the human population through a “catastrophic leak” in a Wuhan lab.

Below is an excerpt from an article titled “WHO chief ‘believes Covid DID leak from Wuhan lab’ after a ‘catastrophic accident’ in 2019 despite publicly maintaining ‘all hypotheses remain on the table’,” as well as some observations.

The Daily Mail reported:

The head of the World Health Organisation privately believes the Covid pandemic started following a leak from a Chinese laboratory, a senior Government source claims.

While publicly the group maintains that ‘all hypotheses remain on the table’ about the origins of Covid, the source said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), had recently confided to a senior European politician that the most likely explanation was a catastrophic accident at a laboratory in Wuhan, where infections first spread during late 2019.

The Mail on Sunday first revealed concerns within Western intelligence services about the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where scientists were manipulating coronaviruses sampled from bats in caves nearly 1,000 miles away – the same caves where Covid-19 is suspected to have originated – in April 2020. The worldwide death toll from the Covid pandemic is now estimated to have hit more than 18 million.

However, in the absence of any compelling evidence of ‘zoonotic’ spread – the process by which a virus leaps from animals to humans – it is now adopting a more neutral public stance.

Isn’t this amazing? First, who is the “senior Government source”? Are we talking about some obscure source one can just banter about to create another hit piece? Another secret dossier-type attack?

Read more…
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The U.S. Loves Wars…

April 5th, 2022 No comments

Funny, Entertaining, and to the Point. But it’s “funny and entertaining” only in proportion to its ability to get the point across that otherwise can’t be gotten cross. Otherwise, it’s neither funny or entertaining. The truth is tragic and sad … and only through getting the point across to enough people can this nation be saved.

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Paul Krugman reaches another low over Covid Vaccines

March 18th, 2022 No comments

As if there is no new lows Western media can reach…

Paul Krugman – winner of the 2008 Economics Nobel Prize, Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and a senior columnist for The New York Times – have always been a China hater. But he had always spewed hate with some intellectual pretense – shallow and insincere as they may be.

I have not read him for years, but for diversion from the suffocating info war that the West is waging against Russia, I thought I would turn to Paul for some good old fashioned China Bashing. I was not ready to be so appalled and disappointed.

Like much of New York Times and the Western Media, not even a shred of class or intellectual rigor is left.

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BBC and Fake News

March 13th, 2022 No comments

So here is a BBC reporter walking to confront the Ms. Hua Chunying, Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry, about how BBC fact checks its sources, how she was the producer of all the original pieces with with Adrian Zenz with purportedly direct knowledge into Adrian’s sources … that if China had problems with her pieces, they should have come to her, instead of lies about her.

The BBC reporter also then went on to claims about how BBC was so kosher with facts as it was regulated by UK’s Ofcom…

Ms. Hua Chuying thanked the reporter for a chance to explain. And explain she did…!

Please watch…

The Ukraine Attack by Russia is a Bad Sign for Taiwan

February 24th, 2022 5 comments

With the recent headline of the Ukraine attack by Russia, I think there should be condemnations of all sides. While Russia should be condemned for the attack in Ukraine, this should not at all unexpected. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there has been an agreement that NATO would not expand eastward. However, it did not happen and many times Russia has warning the west not to do this. However, the ultimate red line for Russia was when NATO arming Ukraine. Ukraine is not totally innocent either, they accepted arms from the west so they can wipe out the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine’s President Zelensky let this happen and did little to stop it.

As a side note. While I am on the subject on the Ukraine attacks here, I thought this kind of ominous that these attacks coincides with the Olympics in China or in Russia as explained in this webpage. In 2008 Beijing’s summer Olympics happened around when the Russian Attacks in Georgia. In the Winter Olympics in Sochi at 2014, Ukraine declared its independence and now after the 2022 Olympics games in Beijing, the Ukraine happened. Maybe the west wants to defame Russia or China by provoking these wars.

Despite the warning from the US and the EU that the attack in the Ukraine is a bad idea despite months of threat, Russia went on anyways and US and the EU didn’t come to its aid by sending its troops. Despite all the condemnations and sanctions to Russia, Putin considers this a win because of the it had dealt the Ukraine a heavy blow morally. Anti-Russian sentiment within Ukraine is high and this attack shows that Russians within Ukraine should not be messed with. But I think China is the winner and Taiwan is the loser in all this.

What does this has to do with Taiwan and China? In the island of Taiwan, the west always sees Taiwan ‘Renegade Province’ and the US is helping Tsai Ing Wen to be China’s thorn. Just like when Ukraine was on their own when Russia invaded, I do not think the US will be helping Taiwan if China decides to invade Taiwan. Although he Quad talks tough, they would not do anything and the ASEAN countries doesn’t want anything to do with this. I doubt that South Korea would want to do anything with this either.

I’m hoping that this will be a sign that the Taiwan Province would be willing to negotiate with the Mainland for a peaceful re-unification because it seems less likely that other countries would come to Taiwan’s aid if there is an invasion.

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Eileen Gu

February 19th, 2022 1 comment

Having watched the Winter Olympics for the last 2 weeks, one can’t help but be aware of the controversy Eileen Gu inspired in the Chinese American community. From the comment section of NYT most comments were negative about her, not only from Americans in general, but also Chinese Americans. I assume any positive comments like mine were censored or delayed until near the end. As a Chinese American myself I imagine most in Chinatown are positive toward her yet keep their opinions within our own community to avoid more racial backlash as covid already inspired enough backlash. Here I would like to share my feeling and analysis.
I became aware of Eileen when I first read about her in NYT about fear and adrenaline in extreme sport; her decision to represent China when she was 15, and she was favored to win some medal. I started to do research on her from YouTube videos, some documentary about her life, and some speeches she made representing luxury brands. She’s beautiful, smart with SAT of 1580, finish high school in 3 years and deferred going to Stanford until after Olympics, and now with 2 gold and 1 silver. A perfect girl any Chinese parent would be proud to have. She even made a speech about Title 9 and inequality of pays for female athletes when she’s about 11.
Ordinarily she would be acclaimed by both right and left if she represents United States. She’s a perfect model minority as right usually call Chinese Americans to pit against African Americans. The fact she’s somewhat an activist on feminist would be acclaimed by the left. Now that she’s representing China, she’s a target for both sides, being called a traitor, ungrateful, hungry for money, and of course working for authoritarian China against human rights
For an 18 years old girl she manages to avoid all the traps lay by the press adroitly; unflustered by questions of dual citizenships which nobody asked to the players on the hockey teams. I suspect she probably managed press better than seasoned politicians in Washington DC would.
For NBC it’s a dilemma the attention laved on Eileen which they obviously were reserving for Mikaela Shiffrin. A blonde goddess beauty that faltered. No help come from Russian skater with the drug controversy. Such is the life of sour grapes in U.S.A., I just hope the backlash doesn’t go beyond Eileen as half the figure skating team is Asian, and an African American won the only skating gold, not to mention China got 9 gold with U.S. only 8.

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Huawei and National Security

January 18th, 2022 No comments

The truth about Huawei and British National Security? Listen to what Sir John vincent Cable, Former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills of the UK has to say…


Color Revolutions and Human Rights on my Mind

January 13th, 2022 3 comments

As we near the Beijing Winter Olympics, and as we keep hearing the West voicing its “concerns” over “Genocides” in XinJiang, “Democratic” “Abuses” in Hong Kong, and all sorts of human rights “Violations” throughout China, I keep thinking to myself, what is this world really about?

In light of the recent attempted color revolution and foreign sponsored terrorist coup against the government of Kazakhstan, where is the voice that says enough is enough? National governments must be empowered to help the people. Even if national governments become corrupt, the people must be given the space to re-organize and regroup their government. Foreign NGOs, even the truly well-intentioned ones, cannot take place of the local governments. NGOs are never transparent. They have no legal or moral duty to the people. They can pack up the next day, and no one would call them out for it. Local governments can’t do that. The people can never really know who the NGOs truly are, where they get their money, who are their real bosses, what’s their mission, who within to be held accountable, etc.

Here are some videos from my colleague Rolf last year to deserve a second look in light of the ideological attacks levied against China these days…

Peng Shuai’s “I’m Not A Good Girl” Letter Translated

November 25th, 2021 1 comment

Here’s the letter that suddenly gave the Boycott 2022 Olympics crowd renewed impetus, allow them to cheer and jeer about questions of her disappearance and reappearance, what had happened to her, if she was sexually assaulted.

Has anyone actually read the letter? Some read it as a love letter actually and the protestant sex shame part Western media is focusing on, is actually not the point. It cheapens Peng Shuai’s emotions and the salacious sensationalism adds insult to her injury.

Here’s my translation, with original text for reference. Breaks are mine:

I know it’s hard to explain, futile to even bring it up. But I still want to say it. I am so pretentious; I admit I’m not a good girl, actually very very bad girl.

我知道说不清楚,说了也没有用。但还是想说出来。我是多么的 虚伪不堪,我承认我不是一个好女 孩,很坏很坏的女孩。

About three years ago you, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, retired. You asked Dr. Liu from Tianjin Tennis Center to contact me to play tennis at Kang Ming Building in Beijing. After playing in the morning, you and your wife Kang Jie brought me to your home. Then brought me into a room, like in Tianjin more than ten years ago, wanting to have sex with me. I was very scared that afternoon, I never thought it would be like this, an outsider fending for myself, because no one would believe that your wife approves.

大概三年前张高丽副总理你退休了,找天津网球中心的刘大夫再联系到我,约 我打球,在北京的康铭大厦。上午打完球,你和妻子康洁一起带我去了你们家。然后把我带进你家的 房间,和十多年前在天津时一样,要和我发生性关系。那天下午我很怕,根本没想到会是这样,一个 人在外帮守着,因为谁都不可能相信老婆会愿意。

Seven years ago, we had a one-night stand, then you went to Beijing for the Standing Committee and never contacted me again. I hid everything in my heart, since you don’t appear to take responsibility. Why bring me to your home pressure me to have sex? I have no evidence, and it’s impossible to leave evidence. I’m certain you liked me first, eventhou you denied it later, how else would I be able to reach you. That afternoon I did not agree and cried all the time, then you me and Aunt Kang Jie had dinner. You said the universe is vast, Earth is just a grain of sand in the universe, and we humans are less than a grain of sand, meaning I should let go of my baggages. After dinner I still didn’t want to at first, you said you hated me! You said you never forgot me in the past seven years, you will be good to me, etc… With trepidation and feelings I have for you 7 years ago, I agreed. yes, we had sexual relation.

七年前我们发生过一次性关系,然后你开常委去北 京就再没联系过我。原本埋藏了一切在心里,既然你根本不打算负责,为何还要回来找我,带我去你 家逼我和你发生关系?是我没有证据,也根本不可能留下证据。后来你一直否认,可确是你先喜欢的 我,否则我也不可能接触的到你。那天下午我原本没有同意一直哭,晚饭是和你还有康洁阿姨一起吃 的,你说宇宙很大很大,地球就是宇宙的一粒沙,我们人类连一粒沙都没有,还说了很多很多,就是 让我放下思想包袱。晚饭后我也并不愿意,你说恨我!又说你这七年从未忘记过我,会对我好等 等…我又怕又慌带着七年前对你的情感同意了。是的就是我们发生性关系了。

Feeling is a complicated thing, hard to explain. Since that day I rekindled my love for you. Those days spent with you were nice, you were pretty good to me. We chatted about history from ancient to modern. You told me about the knowledge of all things, conversed about economic philosophy, other endless topics. We sang, played chess, ping pong and billiard. Even tennis we can happily play forever. We get along so naturally, everything fit. I left home early as a child, and I was deprived of affection. With with all this, I never thought I was a good girl, I hated I myself, hated why I came to this world and experienced all the trials and tribulation.

感情这东西很复杂, 说不清,从那日后我再次打开了对你的爱,后来与你相处的日子里,单从你人相处你是一个很好很好 的人,对我也挺好,我们从近代历史聊到远古时代,你同我讲万物的知识再谈到经济哲学,聊不完的 话题。一起下棋,唱歌,打乒乓球,桌球,包括网球我们永远可以打得不亦乐乎,性格是那么的合得 来好像一切都很搭。自小离家早,内心极度缺爱,面对发生这一切,我从不认为我一个好女孩,我恨 我自己,恨我为什么要来到这个世界,经历这一劫。

You told me you love me, very very much, hope we meet next life as 18 and 20 year old’s. You said you are alone, miserable by yourself, we have endless conversation, things to tell each other, you said in your position there’s no way to be divorced. Had we met back in Shangdong days perhaps, but it’s impossible now. I thought to just being with you in obscurity and it was fine in the beginning, but days pass things slowly changed, too much unfairness and humiliation. Every time you call me over, your wife would say all kinds of harsh words, insults and cold sarcasm to me behind your back. I mentioned I liked duck tongue, Aunt Kang Jie would say to me ~ ew that’s disgusting. When I say in winter the smog in Beijing is not so good sometimes, Aunt Kang Jie would tell me it’s because I’m from the country side, they don’t feel it, whatnot. If you are there she wouldn’t say these things, but as we would. When we’re together it’s one way, with people around you treat me another way. I told you I feel very sad and aggrieved if I hear too much of all these.

你同我说你爱我,很爱很爱,来生希望在你二十 岁我十八岁时我们就遇见。你说你很孤独,一个人很可怜,我们有聊不完的天,讲不完的话,你说你 这个位置没有办法离婚,如果你在山东时认识,还可以离婚,可是现在没有办法。我想过默默无闻就 这样陪着你,开始还好,可是日子久了慢慢的变了,太多的不公与侮辱。每次你让我去,背着你你妻 子对我说过多少难听侮辱的话,各种冷嘲嘲讽。我说喜欢吃鸭舌,康洁阿姨会冲着我说~唯真恶心。 冬天北京雾霾我说有时候空气不太好,康洁阿姨会对我说,那是你们郊区,我们这儿没感觉,等等诸 如类似的话说了很多很多,你在时候她不这样说,好像和我们一样,两个人相处时是一个样,有旁人 时你对我又是一个样。我同你说过,这些话听多了心里特别难受委屈,

From day one I never took a penny from you, never sought any benefits or gains through you, but status is important. All of this I asked for it, willing to be humiliated. Thru it all you always made me keep all our relationship secret, keep it from my mother. To go to the compound we always switch cars at her church, and She always thought I was just there to play mahjong. We are invisible to each other in our real lives, your wife is like the empress in the palace and I’m indescribably dreadful, often I wonder am I still a person? I feel like I am a zombie, pretending every day. Which is the real me? I shouldn’t have come into this world, but I don’t have the courage to die. I really want a simple life, but such as reality. Night of the 30th we had a big fight, you said we talk again on the 2nd. At noon you called and said some other time, denying everything…

从认识你第一天到现在没用过 你一分钱,更没通过你某去过任何利益或者好出,可名分这东西真重要。这一切我活该,自取其辱。 从头到尾你都是一直让我保密和你的一切关系,更不可以告诉我妈和你有男女关系,因为每次都是她 送我去西什库教堂那儿,然后换你家的车才能进院里。她一直以为我是去打麻将打牌,去你家玩。我 们在彼此的生活中都是真实生活中的一个透明人,你的妻子好像甄嬛传的皇后一样,而我无法形容自 己多么的不堪,很多时候我觉得我自己还是一个人吗?我觉得自己是一个行尸走肉,装,每一天都在 装,哪个我才是真的我?我不该来到这个世界,可又没有勇气去死。我好想可以活的简单点,可事与 愿违。30号那天晚上争议很大,你说2号下午再去你家我们慢慢谈,今天中午打电话来说有事再联 系,推脱一切,借口说改天再联系.…

Just like 7 years ago you “disappeared”, play around then abandoned. You say we are not a transaction. Yes, our feelings have nothing to do with money and power, but it’s difficult to face the fact I have no place to put the three years of feelings. You are always afraid if I will bring a recorder, leave evidence behind. Yes, I did not leave any evidence other than myself, no recording, no video, only my twisted experience. I know your highness Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli said You are not afraid. But even if it’s banging against the wall, fly into the flame, this moth will tell the truth about you. Smart guy like you surly will deny, or even retaliate, you are in a position to play this cynical game. You always say you hope your mother can bless you from above. I’m a bad girl, unworthy of being a mother, you are father to your children. I asked you, even if your daughter is adopted, would you pressure her to do all this? Will you be able to face your mother after all you’ve done in this life?

就这样和七年前一样“消失了”,玩玩想不要就不要了。你说 我们之间没有任何交易,是,我们之间的感情和钱,权利没有任何关系,可这三年的感情我无处安 放,难以面对。你总怕我带什么录音器,留下证据什么的。是的,除我以外我没留下证据证明,没有 录音,没有录像,只有被扭曲的我的真实经历。我知道对于您位高权重的张高丽副总理来说,你说过 你不怕。但即使是以卵击石,飞蛾扑火自取灭亡的我也会说出和你的事实。以你的智商某路你一定否 认或者可以反打给我,你可以如此玩世不恭。你总说希望你母亲在天可以保佑你,我是一个坏女孩不 配为人母,你为人父也有儿有女,我问过你就算是你的养女你会逼她这么做吗?你今生做的这一切日 后心安理得的去面对你的母亲吗?

We are all respectable people.


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The Question of Power

November 6th, 2021 No comments

One thing that always irritate me when I read those China experts analyzing China is they have assumptions they assume to be true and have a closed mind never to be questioned. The fact that Xi is going to be elected third term in the coming party congress is condemned as power grab; yet they never bother to ask why? To what purpose do Xi want to serve a third term? They assume he wants to be president for life, and never analyze his speeches which they assume to be propaganda and dismissed. Xi told everybody he wanted goals for the 100 year anniversary of both the founding of Communist Party and The People’s Republic of China. The elimination of extreme poverty and entry to a moderately prosperous society.
We know here in capitalist west people want to be rich and powerful. We admire those self make billionaires. Yet they also want something beyond just power and money. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk want to go to space; moon and Mars. Bill Gates want to eliminate malaria and AIDS. They do want to do something beyond themselves for humanity or just be a part of positive forces in human history. Yet the liberals sees in Xi as a caricature of power mad emperor. Kishore Mahbubani of Singapore has better insight than those liberal critics when he answered them Xi needs the power to achieve his goals; to fight corruption and renaissance for China.
Neither Mao nor Xi has absolute power attributed by West to mold China in the caricature of them. Mao wanted to change human nature and used Cultural Revolution and youthful idealism when he saw the bureaucracy ossified in corruption. yet his opponents frustrated him by forming rival Red Guards and resulting arm clashes and caused many tragedies. Consider the case of mansions built in a national park south of Xian. Xi has asked them to be demolished annually since 2013 and sent inspection work groups to no avail. Not until 2018 when both party secretaries of Xian and Shaanxi province were toppled because of corruption was Xi able to enforce his wishes.
Contrast to what’s happening in U.S.. Liberals are not able to push their agenda despite the $1.5 trillion bill just passed. With coming election of 2022 and 2024 things looking rather bleak. Trump seems to know the levers of power much better than Biden. I would worry about the world of “1984” more in the U.S. than in China.

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A few timely and interesting references

November 1st, 2021 No comments

«CBS News» about Majid Khan (4 min. video)

Is Biden’s policy any better than Trump’s? (short Tic Tok video)

A must read: The Zenz-Xinjiang Case

«Fridayeveryday», media unit of Friday Culture Ltd: : What’s missing from the reports about Amnesty leaving Hong Kong? (short video)

Joe Tsai, co-founder of Alibaba, interview by CNBC. (5 min. video)

China Inside Out with Andy Xie: Evergrande’s Fall, the Fallout & More (8 min. video with English subtitles)

«Fridayeveryday»: Six remarkable parallels between the fake WMD story and the fake China narrative (short video)

The Point: Interview with American filmmaker, Oliver Stone (29 min. video)

The End of American Exceptionalism (18 min. 2018 video)
Jeffrey Sachs comments to the content of his new book, «A New Foreign Policy: Beyond American Exceptionalism» (Columbia University Press)

Did President Trump Start a Biological War against China?

June 12th, 2021 No comments

Although I have said that President Trump was the best thing to China since Nixon, President Trump was more devious than I have thought. The recent fake news from the western propaganda about the Covid-19 coming out from the lab in Wuhan made it more suspicious.

The article that I wrote last year about how the virus has spread more of an US origin than what was reported. Let’s go back to 2017. About the end of 2017, the US government lifted the ban of controversial “Gain of Function” research on viruses, including Avian Flu, Sars and Mers.

Recently, there’s an article about the bio warfare against China. Quoting from this article.

My past articles linked above make my case for an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran) but run many thousands of words. So I am providing below a brief summary of those main points, especially focused upon why the biowarfare scenario seems far more likely that the competing lab-leak hypothesis:

(1) For three years, China had been locked in growing conflict with America over trade and geopolitics, and for three years in a row, China had been hit very hard by mysterious viruses. An Avian Flu virus severely damaged its poultry industry in 2018 and the following year a Swine Flu virus destroyed over 40% of its pig herds, China’s primary meat source. The third year, Covid-19 appeared. Certainly a suspicious pattern if the last were just a random lab-leak.

(2) The Covid-19 outbreak appeared at absolutely the worst time and place for China, the major transit hub of Wuhan, timed almost perfectly to reach high local levels of infection just as the travelers for the Lunar New Year holiday spread the disease to all other parts of the country, thereby producing an unstoppable epidemic. The timing of an accidental lab-leak would obviously be random.

(3) 300 American military servicemen had just visited Wuhan as part of the World Military Games, providing a perfect opportunity for releasing a viral bioweapon. Consider what Americans would think if 300 Chinese military officers had visited Chicago, and immediately afterwards a mysterious, deadly viral disease suddenly broke out in that city. It would be a strange coincidence if that the American military visit and an entirely unrelated accidental lab-leak had occurred at exactly the same time.

(4) The characteristics of Covid-19, including high communicability and low lethality, are absolutely ideal in an anti-economy bioweapon. It seems odd that a random lab-leak would release a virus so perfectly designed to severely damage the Chinese economy.

(5) From almost the very moment that the outbreak began, anti-China bloggers in America and the US-funded Radio Free Asia network had launched a powerful international propaganda offensive against China, claiming that the outbreak in Wuhan was due to the leak of an illegal bioweapon from the Wuhan lab. This may have merely been an exceptionally prompt but opportunistic response of our propaganda organs, but they seemed remarkably quick to take full advantage of an entirely unexpected and mysterious development, which they immediately identified as being due to a lab-leak.

(6) By “the second week of November” our Defense Intelligence Agency had already begun preparing a secret report warning of a “cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan although according to the standard timeline at that point probably only a couple of dozen people had started experiencing any symptoms of illness in a city of 11 million. How did they discover what was happening in Wuhan so much sooner than the Chinese government or anyone else?

(7) Almost immediately afterwards, the ruling political elites in Iran became severely infected, with many of them dying. Why did the accidental Wuhan lab-leak jump to the Iran’s political elites so quickly, before it had reached almost anywhere else in the world.

In my opinion, Trump tried to keep quiet of his misdeeds about a biologic war with China, thus the reason why Western propaganda kept quiet about this. However, when Biden found out that this biological war with China, they intensified the blame towards China rather than admitting the predecessor to starting this biological war.

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Commemorating 6/4 Yet Again…

June 5th, 2021 No comments

One of the funner thoughts we see in Chinese Internet this 6/4 is this observation shared by Chief Editor of Global Times.

In response to digital “candlelight” vigils posted by British officials such as the one below over the 6/4 incident …

Hu, echoing Many on Chinese social media, asks: has there been a national tragedy in U.K.? Is there a national mourning going on in the U.K.? 😉

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ETIM is no longer a terrorist organization … per needs of U.S. interests

March 28th, 2021 1 comment

The U.S. correctly categorized the ETIM as a terrorist organization in 2018 … till it did not suit the interests of the U.S.

On February 7, 2018, per US Air Force Pentagon Report: “ETIM is a terrorist organization that operates in China”


In 2020 however, the US removed ETIM from their terrorist lists.

Same echos of Saudi Crown Prince… The U.S. won’t penalize the Saudis despite clear evidence of Khashoggi’s killings.

The U.S. however will penalize China based on faked dossiers relating to Xinjiang.

Terrorists are saints when the terrorists are on the right side.

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New York Times Article Headlines – Quick Study on American Exception

March 22nd, 2021 No comments

Saw this on the Front page of my “Favorite” newspaper – the New York Times.

China Border Rules, Meant to Stop Virus, Disrupt Business and Upend Lives China’s formidable travel restrictions have hampered the operations of many companies, separated families and complicated the lives of thousands of students.

Yet throughout much of last year, New York Times has been running articles like this accusing or insinuating that China wasn’t tough enough cracking down on the flow of traffic and how it had “allowed” the virus to escape to infect the world.

If only China had been tough enough. If the U.S. had only been tough enough on shutting down traffic from China… on catching the virus early …

Never mind the hypocrisy that if China was guilty of not containing a heretofore unknown virus, how is the West – with the lessons of China already available – not guilty of not containing the virus itself within its own borders and infecting the rest of the world?

Never mind that New York Times has been echoing Trump even thought it was a fervent anti-Trump newspaper.

The thing is even when China was successful in shutting down, as it had in Wuhan, the likes of New York Times has been accusing China of violating “human rights” shutting down. When China is successful shutting down its borders, it is now accused of hampering business, separating families and complicating the lives of millions.

What the f**k is “rights”? It is not what the West thinks. The human condition is complex, diverse, and subtle. It is cannot be shoved into a deranged psychotic bottle of Western ideology. It cannot be politicized for the convenience of the few.

Just another deranged sample point of Western discourse on China…

Ignorance is Strength: US did not confront Anti-Asian racism. Instead, they denied that it exists.

March 20th, 2021 No comments

Many know by now by the exponential increase of Anti-Asian racism attacks over since the Covid 19 started in beginning of 2020. While I am not surprised that it is happening, I am surprised that not many of the people who are responsible would acknowledge.


There was a recent article about a man who punched an Asian Man in January and then yelled a racist slur at another man in February and stabbed the guy had a kidney removed and is in critical condition, yet he was not charged with a hate crime.

There are many other attacks against Asian-Americans if you google them and most of them are charged with assault, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault likely to cause great bodily injury, and/or aggravated mayhem, and etc.. but rarely at all charged with hate crime.

Perhaps the most egregious example of this is the recent murder of 8 people in 3 Asian Spas and the Georgia Police Captain Jay Baker claims the shooter was ‘having a bad day’ and claims this man has a ‘sex addiction.’ Not to mention that Jay Baker sells racist slogan t-shirts with the slogan “Covid 19: imported virus from Chy-na”. So it comes with no surprise that murderer is NOT charged with a hate crime.

Maria Bartiromo: In order to condemn China, you have to believe America is ‘superior’ | Fox News

So what is this disconnect and just plain ignorance towards these Anti-Asian attacks? Perhaps it is the best to summarize Maria’s Bartiromo tirade against China when they make claims of racism towards blacks in the BLM movement. Instead she chose to ignore it, believe that US is superior to China and ignore this whole racism problem in the US ever exist.

We expect Trump followers to do ignore Anti-Racism problem in the US, but the left is not doing much better. Biden and left spoke against the number of racist attacks in the US, but they failed to do charge people with hate crimes. The attacks earlier I mentioned happened in New York City, San Francisco, LA and other places where governed by Democrats. Perhaps on the day when justice system and its government start acknowledging about Anti-Asian crimes, then it is the day that they will accept that it exists.

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Root of Western Propaganda Against XinJiang Exposed

March 3rd, 2021 No comments

Recently, Grayzone released a bombshell report on how Western Propaganda Against XinJiang has been formulated and manufactured.

A short interview of Max Blumenthal, Grayzone editor-in-chief, is below.

Jack Ma Appears in Public, But Who Cares?

January 13th, 2021 No comments

Remember couple weeks ago Western media was echo chambering this Jack Ma disappearance conspiracy? Even after Alibaba group said Ma skipped an African trip due to scheduling conflict (in the middle of a pandemic none the less.)

Now that Ma has made an appearance, Western media seems disinterested in amend, retract their false narrative.

According to simple Baidu search, QQ News reported Jack Ma attended a funeral for entertainment tycoon Lin Jianming on January 8th.

All you have to do is Baidu their names “林建名 马云” to verify this.

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And So, The Capitol Burns…

January 8th, 2021 1 comment

The recent events in the Capitol reminds me about the post I wrote 4 years ago here.

Below I wrote that the next 4 years will be chaotic but I would not even imagine that it would be this chaotic. This constant lies fed to the Trumpsters has led to this today. This forest fire that I have mentioned seem to have started but it would not be stopped anytime soon. In fact, according to this poll, 45 percent of republicans support this. The next 4 years there will be more infighting which will further degrade the country to a irreversible decline. China’s rise is a no longer a question of how but when.

Also let’s not kid ourselves, this “Day of Infamy” is not becauser raid of the Capitol, but because the lives of its lawmakers’s lives are threatened.

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Song of Qin

December 23rd, 2020 4 comments

Recently the last of 4 Qin epics were downloaded and available on YouTube. It consist of 78 episodes of approximately 45 minutes each, with subtitles in Chinese, English, and other languages. Initially it was quite popular with a 9 rating in China, but gradually decline to around 7 with most of the criticism on the actor playing Qin emperor having to play him from age of 13 through adult life. For anyone interested in China or try to understand China, those epics are a must seen to understand Chinese history, values, and philosophy.
Obviously the timing of the release coincide with the push for unification of Taiwan as the subject is the unification after 500 years of feudal warfare after Chou dynasty. Yet one can learn quite a lot contemporarily from those historical drama, and even draw parallel for today. I like to point to episodes 40-42 on the expulsion of foreign officials from Qin. After crushing of rebellion and Qin Cheng came of age and assume power, the clan Qin elders threaten mass suicide by self immolation because they felt reward and punishment were unequally distributed with foreigners getting major government plum jobs. Qin Cheng acceded to their demand and giving a royal proclamation expelling all foreigners from office while secretly detain them at the border. Meanwhile Qin clan members were appointed office jobs which they were unable to handle and caused mass confusion and damage. Qin Cheng showed the merit and ability are the cornerstone on building up the country rather than connection or nepotism.
Today we have China opening up to experts and companies around the world and even offer green cards and citizenships, which also generate some opposition on high paying jobs going to returning students and foreigners. While in U.S. President Trump going MAGA wants to limit Chinese students and researchers on their visa applications. I think the result will be the loss of expertise and benefit China greatly.
I will not comment on the artistic merit of the show, but I do think Chinese should know her history, and linguistically it benefit me greatly and I highly recommend it.

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Australian Lowlifes – American Empire’s Bitches

December 1st, 2020 2 comments

[This piece is cross-posted at theSaker. A “more polite” version has been published at AsiaTimes.]

I have picked on America for some time … and for good reasons … because American leaders and media on the world stage have been tragically hypocritical and arrogant for too long.

Just look at the recent murder of Iran’s top nuclear scientist – Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Imagine if a top scientist in the U.S. (or U.K. or France or Germany for that matter) was murdered in a similar fashion: American leaders and media would all be all up in arms, calling out the despicable act for what it is, an affront against basic civility.

But because this happened to Iran, there is no moral indignity expressed in the U.S. media or its leaders. Trump seemingly smugly tweeted the news. Other leaders acknowledged nonchalantly almost as if it were news about bad weather. The killing is treated at worst as political intrigue by Israel – with certain approval by Trump – to prevent Biden from improving relations with Iran and perhaps rejoining the JCPOA.

It’s truly despicable … but expected. And now we see something just as disgusting in … Australia!

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Federal Judge Dismisses Trump campaign Pennsylvania lawsuit

November 21st, 2020 No comments

A Federal Court had dismissed Trump’s lawsuit to overturn millions of votes in Pennsylvania, dealing what CNN calls a death blow to the Trump campaign’s effort to undo the election.

It is rare to see such a tough, withering opinion … but these are not normal times. I have recently written about my annoyance of seeing continued allegations of fraud to “steal” the election by Trump … backed up by at most random, routine irregularities.

Please lead or get out of the way! I want to see a real, vigorous offense. But with this opinion, I think all we can look forward to is a final death spasm. If there are no evidence by now, there sure hasn’t been any. It’s all been sales pitch and hot air from Trump since election night…

Update: 11/30/2020.

So Trump’s appeal to the Third Circuit Federals Appeals Court has failed. Per AP News article:

3rd Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee, writing for the three-judge panel, all appointed by Republican presidents: “Free, fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy. Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so. Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

Trump promises to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud,” Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis tweeted soon after Friday’s ruling. “On to SCOTUS!”

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Quick Reaction to Giuiliani’s Press Conference Earlier Today about Massive Election Fraud

November 19th, 2020 No comments

Here, I want to give a few quick comments about Giuliani’s case about massive fraud that stole the election from Trump.

A transcript can be found here.

Giuliani started his case this way:

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Asian Boss – Shanghai Street Interviews: Chinese React To The US Presidential Election

November 18th, 2020 No comments

Interesting views of common people on the streets in Shanghai about the U.S. elections.

Italy Researchers Have Shown that Coronavirus was Circulating in Italy September 2019

November 17th, 2020 No comments

As reported in a Reuters article earlier today, Italian researchers have shown that the Coronavirus has been circulating in Italy at least since last September.

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Tiktok – How Trump Failed America

October 18th, 2020 1 comment

Donald Trump was elected with a mandate to make deals and “drain the swamp.”  I had my doubts he could make a difference in the geopolitical realm.  But even on economic matters, he has not had a lot of success. His Tiktok saga reveals just how far he has left people down.

[This article is cross posted at the Saker; a short, abridged version of this article was initially published on the South China Morning Post.]

Trump’s demand for a fire sale of Tiktok hit a legal wall two weekends ago when a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction.  Judge Carl Nichols, a Trump appointee, questioned whether a President had the legal authority to so broadly ban and restrict a “personal communication” and “informational” service such as Tiktok on “national security” grounds. 

But even without the injunction, Trump’s vaunted deal-making skills were fast morphing into a freak show.  From the beginning, Trump made unsubstantiated accusation that Tiktok was being used as a platform for Chinese espionage even when the CIA found no evidence of Chinese espionage.  The EFF – which traditionally has been critical of China’s Internet companies – has also concluded that there is no evidence that TikTok is less secure than other social media apps. 

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CaptainCool – Interview with Luo Wenyue, old generation Chinese American lawyer

October 18th, 2020 No comments
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Watch “Nathan Ruser, Vicky Xu & The ASPI Circus” on YouTube

October 17th, 2020 No comments