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COMAC C919 gets 100 orders

November 16th, 2010 3 comments

COMAC C919 orders signing ceremony

Six months ago, I wrote about the “COMAC C919, Challenging the Boeing and Airbus Duopoly.” The aircraft was scheduled for production release in 2016. And looks like the plan is proceeding well. The company has reported 100 of the planes having been pre-ordered by various airlines. So, here we are, six years before release, the C919 has already started making dents in this lucrative industry.

You may follow the above link to see who the suppliers are (for various subsystems of this aircraft) as well as other pertinent information about the market the C919 competes in. The C919 leverages COMAC’s experience from the ARJ21 which is expected to enter service this year.

The orders are making news around the world. Additional coverage by USA Today: “China wants to rival Boeing, Airbus with its C919 ‘big plane’.”

COMAC C919, Challenging the Boeing and Airbus Duopoly

May 27th, 2010 13 comments

The passenger aircraft industry is dominated by Boeing and Airbus. That landscape will start to change in 2016 when Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) (中国商用飞机有限责任公司) officially enters its C919 jetliner into service. It will compete head on against the Boeing 737’s and Airbus A320’s and is expected to be both cheaper and more fuel efficient. China Daily cited a Bloomberg report where Airbus forecasted Asia region alone to buy 8,000 passenger aircrafts (100+ seats) over the next 20 years valuing at $1.2 trillion. The market is huge. It also cited an Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) report predicting that airlines in China will buy 2,922 large passenger jetliners before the year of 2028. That is in the neighborhood of $400 billion in jetliners. It is obvious that China would have to invest in this industry.

COMAC C919 Passenger Jetliner

COMAC C919 Passenger Jetliner

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