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Amy Chua would be proud of China’s “奶茶MM” (“Milk Tea Sister”)

January 15th, 2011 2 comments

Now that parenting and education is the talk of the nation across America, I thought I relay a wildly popular story from 2010 in China, another view into Amy Chua’s “Chinese mom.” Enter “奶茶妹妹” or “奶茶mm” on if you wish to research this story yourself.

奶茶mm ("Milk Tea Sister")

Back in 2009, a student posted this image of her friend in a forum on 猫扑 (, admiring her good looks. This girl quickly became a sensation, and soon, her photo was forwarded around the Internet. Once public curiosity has set in, 人肉搜索 (human flesh search) started offline. She became known as “奶茶mm,” short for 奶茶妹妹 (milk tea younger sister). They found her a sophomore at the Nanjing Foreign Language high school. She turned out to be 章泽天 (Zhang Zetian).

Of course, and understandably, there were many who opposed the public attention (in Chinese) given to Zhang, especially with such superficial circumstance behind her fame. As more was discovered about her, Chinese netizens began to adore her. Certainly, many were critical of her.
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