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Shanghai-Beijing Bullet Train Western Media Coverage, a case of Journalism vs. Propaganda

July 2nd, 2011 58 comments

Journalism is reporting the facts.  Today, I was curious how the Western media covered the new high speed rail between Shanghai and Beijing had just gone into service. I searched on Google, and the very first two articles I read had already struck me.  One represents what journalism should be and the other was really quite something else.  Kudos to AFP reporter, Allison Jackson, where she wrote, “Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train makes debut.” No kudos, however, to David Pierson of Los Angeles Time, who wrote, “China feeling like No. 1 with a bullet train.” The headline already sounds bitter.  To some, propaganda might be too harsh a description. I simply want to put these two articles side by side and point out the nuttiness.  You decide if I am too hash in my description or not.

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