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Update: China cancels military, diplomatic contacts with US over Taiwan arms sale

October 7th, 2008 68 comments

According to a late AP piece , China is “furious” about the arms sale and has canceled serious senior contacts.  Here is an excerpt: Read more…

US arms sales to Taiwan "a slap to Wen Jiabao's face"?

October 4th, 2008 297 comments

In a surprise move to some, the United States reactivated a $6.46 billion Taiwan arms sales proposal and sent it to Congress for approval yesterday. (As late as September 28, the proposal was said to be frozen by the White House even as Taiwan lobbied Congress.)

Some Chinese now believe China and Wen Jiabao were “played” by the US: “Premier Wen had just said to save the US markets, out came $6 billion of arms sales as a slap to the face,” reads a typical comment online.
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