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China bullet train fake news and false rumors exposed

July 28th, 2011 6 comments

Roland Song has done a number of much needed translations of false rumors and fake news surrounding the Wenzhou train crash. It is a must read.

I was in particular looking into information related to the two year old girl who was found. A panelist on CCTV criticized the Ministry of Rail for declaring rescue over and the girl being found afterwards. Roland translates the first account of police captain Shao Yerong (from CCTV) on rescuing the girl. Follow above link for details.

Caijing Magazine: the challenges and opportunities of the Beijing Olympics

May 3rd, 2008 3 comments

Written by Tang Buxi, May 4nd, 2008

Caijing is one of the best news magazines in China today. Its primary emphasis is on financial and economic issues, but it also touches upon social and political commentary. Its closest analogues might be the British Economist, or the American Wall Street Journal. I plan on making translated versions of Caijing articles a regular addition to this blog.

A feature article in this month’s issue discusses the challenges and opportunities behind the Beijing Olympics. The by-line reads:

The opportunities and challenges of the Olympics were always two sides of the same coin. Despite external pressures and internal worries, it’s not necessary, nor is it possible, to modify the direction of our future progress.

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