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A bit more texture in my recent trip to China

This is the last sequence of photos I will be sharing to hopefully give a bit more texture about China. My family traveled to Guilin and Beijing for a bit over two weeks. We really enjoyed ourselves and were impressed with the pace of changes, especially in Beijing. I took the photo below while on the Li River heading towards Yangshuo. I was really wishing for a sunny day, but the outline of the surrounding mountains through the mist made that trip surreal.

On the Li River towards Yangshuo
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Visitors to Forbidden City

Obvioulsy, Forbidden City requires no introduction. My family spent the day there today. For now, I’d simply like to share photos I took of some visitors there. I have collected more QQ numbers, including from the parents of the two boys below. They are from Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. Couple of my college friends were from that area as well. I was glad to see many Chinese citizens visiting Beijing for the first time. In general, they are doing some sort of business and things are booming. The country is moving ‘up,’ and that is what I see in the Chinese travelers.

Two boys busy playing inside the Forbidden City

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(Letter from Jane) Who owns the Chinese imperial treasures?

When Chiang Kai-Shek retreated with the Nationalists to Taiwan, he brought with him over 600,000 pieces of artefacts removed from Chinese imperial palaces during wartime. These artefacts are now stored at the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Both China and Taiwan have claimed title to these Chinese imperial treasures.
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