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Intel achieved the best quarter in the company’s 42 year history

July 13th, 2010 4 comments

Intel has just announced its Q2 2010 earnings. It is the best quarter in the company’s 42 year history. Some of you might say, “what?!” With the financial crisis in Europe and the U.S., how can this be possible? Here is a direct link to their Q2 2010 report.

You will see in the report Intel’s revenue is derived 57% from “Asia-Pacific” excluding Japan. With Japan’s 11%, the whole of Asia accounts for nearly 70% of Intel’s revenue! China’s roaring economy is likely contributing a significant portion towards this record earnings. It is a little wonder that Intel is building a new fab in China (300mm fab in the northern Dalian using state of the art 90nm technology). Toyota too builds auto plants in the U.S., and for the same reasons: it would be too politically insensitive to not given how much Toyota derives its revenue from the U.S..
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