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The Karate Kid – the biggest modern movie co-production thus far between an American studio and China

June 13th, 2010 2 comments

People should go watch the new karate Kid!  It’s a cool movie featuring some awesome martial art as well as a beautiful travelogue featuring scenes from all over China.  Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith give a performance that practically guarantees a sequel.

Some people might complain that the movie is too long … or that it’s got a misleading title.  I personally think if there is a problem, it’s the fight scenes – which can get a little graphic as far as children are concerned.  As for that misleading title?  My opinion is that while there are real differences between Karate and Kung Fu (and this movie features Kung Fu not Karate), this movie should be and can be enjoyed and celebrated by itself – for an inspiring human story, a beautiful travelogue, and high quality martial arts cinematography. Read more…

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