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A mentally retarded journalist, take 2

July 28th, 2011 23 comments

(Bad journalism on the left. Right column are Allen and my commentary on why. Fortunately, not all Brits are like this.) Read more…

A mentally retarded journalist

July 27th, 2011 26 comments

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Chinese people complained too. You would just need to be able to read Chinese to see it. Doing so didn’t land them in jail as this Brit (I presume) claims in this piece, “London Games will outdo Beijing because of freedom.” Breaking Chinese law does. In referring to the 2012 London Olympics, and apparently feeling inadequate, this retarded journalist says:

But these will still be better Olympics — in some ways, they already are — because London has the key ingredient that Beijing sorely lacked to host truly soul-searing games: freedom.

Let’s not forget. U.K. is bombing Libya to “protect Libyans.” This author apparently have no idea what freedom from bombs mean. I truly wish for a successful London 2012. Using ‘freedom’ to fill your feelings of inadequacy? It’s like saying my penis doesn’t work, but I have a convertible made in the heavens. And, by the way, that heavenly convertible has a habit of running over people.

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