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Ho Pin’s NYT Op-Ed, “China’s Heir Apparent,” has many holes

February 13th, 2012 6 comments

The New York Times has just published an Op-Ed by Ho Pin, entitled, “China’s Heir Apparent.” It was originally written in Chinese and translated by someone else. Ho Pin, according to a blurb at the end of the Op-Ed, is an editor of a Chinese book on Vice President Xi Jinping’s biography. Unfortunately, his opinions are naive – both in his understanding about China and the problems still persistent in “democracies.” In this post, I’d simply like to point out why I thought so. Read more…

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NYT says ‘Journalist Is Detained in China for Article on Sex Slaves,’ but journalist says not

September 27th, 2011 25 comments

The New York Times is at it again. For some recent expositions of their nutty ‘journalism’, make sure to also read:
1. “Fact Checking NYT’s Qi Chonghuai Jailed Journalist Story
2. “‘Catching Scent of Revolution, China Moves to Snip Jasmine’ – Retarded Government or Retarded NYT?

This time the NYT reporter, Andrew Jacobs, lies about a Chinese journalist being detained by Chinese police. How do we know? In fact, the journalist has come out to say that he wasn’t and that the NYT didn’t even interview him. Below is the NYT article and I show what a propaganda garbage it is. Read on. Read more…

the 8th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

October 6th, 2010 1 comment

the 8th Asia-Europe Meeting

The 8th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), a bi-annual event (the previous was in Beijing in 2008), just took place on October 4th and 5th in Brussels, Belgium. It was a big deal. Asia and Europe represent 60% of humanity and 60% of global trade. I like how ASEM state their mission. Below is part of it:
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