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Russia Today talks to Israeli PM spokesman and a contrast to CNN’s coverage

November 16th, 2012 3 comments

Following segment is RT talking to Israeli PM spokesman Alex Selsky as ground invasion seems imminent. In contrast, readers should head over to where Peter Hart criticizes how CNN covers the clash between Palestine and Israel, “Who Started Gaza Conflict? Well, the U.S. Says?” Regardless of your position over this conflict, it is clear RT sides more with Palestine while CNN with Israel. Even if truth is in between, you should be struck how clever propaganda plays out in the mainstream media.

And it looks like a BBC journalist has just lost his 11-month old son inside Gaza. Rocket fires from militants have killed Israelis too. This is maddening and I only wish peace prevails some how. Time to send in U.N. peacekeepers?

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the Israel-Palestine conflict, a call for peace

October 20th, 2011 55 comments

I was recently exposed to some very sad images of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and thought about what I might do constructively as a blogger. So, I have decided to make a plea to the world to help the two sides end their cycle of violence. I think we are way passed the point of taking sides. And, since this is a ‘China’ blog, I thought: it’s time to think big and how about it, China, a shot at this?

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