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“The Horrors of The Coolie Trade” by New York Journal of Commerce, February 22, 1860

November 26th, 2012 2 comments

In response to my prior article where I mentioned Napa Valley was destination of the first wave of laborers from China (and later became the driving force behind the Chinese Exclusion Act), reader perspectivehere reminds us there were in fact much more horrifying atrocities against the poor Chinese. perspectivehere digs up a piece of history from February 22, 1860.
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Curriculum protest in Hong Kong a sign some still prefer wearing dirty British laundary

August 2nd, 2012 71 comments

At a personal level, I can easily imagine Joyce Lau being a friend, and perhaps that may end up being one day. As some of you know, she reads this blog. Her latest article in the New York Times about the recent curriculum protest in Hong Kong over “patriotic” education is tantamount to pushing a British propaganda line. It’s misguided. Her article said nothing about the curriculum itself. It sheds no perspective from the Chinese side. Incidentally, before her article’s publication, reader perspectivehere had left a comment on this very topic. Through law, the British had already brainwashed Hong Kong citizens long time ago to propagate a friendly narrative towards British colonial rule. Apparently, for some (not all, but the 32k some where the brainwashing succeeded), wearing dirty British laundry has become a desirable fashion worthwhile taking to the streets for. And, sure enough, the expat ‘China’ bloggers will say what the NYT want their readers to think: “ominous, vile and dictatorial.” Another variation of that garbage can be found here, all without examining what’s in this education. Let’s see what perspectivehere had to say. Read more…

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To the Victorian British Empire, Hong Kong was a ‘notch’

July 9th, 2012 11 comments

Every June 4th, the British press tries to indoctrinate the view that Hong Kong was a grand and benevolent design in “freedom and democracy” under threat from Mainland China. There was never such a design. As perspectivehere points out for us in the book, “Collaborative Colonial Power: The Making of the Hong Kong Chinese,” by Law Wing Sang, who teaches at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, the Victorian British Empire saw this territory very much as a ‘notch’ in a great oak. Below, he explains. Read more…

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “The danger of a single story”

March 13th, 2012 65 comments

Hat tip to reader, perspectivehere, in sharing this important perspective (through our Open Forum) from the continent of Africa, from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, where in this 20-minute talk to a TED audience, she warns against a dominant Western narrative about other peoples on the planet. It’s called, “The danger of a single story.” Adichie’s words must be spread. As perspective rightly noted:

This is one of the problems that Hidden Harmonies is trying to address is to present voices that are different from and challenge the one-sided stories we often see in the western media about China.


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perspectivehere on the 90th anniversary of “The Shandong Problem”

February 3rd, 2012 34 comments

If not for the United States, Shandong Province (山东省), map to the left, may still be a Japanese territory today. Reader perspectivehere brought to our attention tomorrow (Feb. 4th) will be the 90th anniversary of the Washington Naval Conference of 1929 which gave back sovereignty of Shandong Province to China. It was The Treaty of Versailles marking the end of WW1 in 1919 that transferred this German “sphere of influence” territory to Japan without China’s approval.

History has many twists and turns. If not for the United States defeating Japan in WW2, the China today might not be intact. John Woo is now making a new epic film about the Flying Tigers to commemorate this important period when the two countries aided each other.

The United States also has China to thank for – for resisting and bogging down the Japanese army in China’s large land mass. Read more…

perspectivehere chimes in on “anti-China propaganda”

July 17th, 2011 62 comments

I have recently posted a number of side-by-side comparisons showing how propagandistic articles (here and here) look like in the U.S. media. These are not mere instances, as I have shown here, based on a study by the PEW Research Center for Excellence in Journalism which systematically looked at coverage of China in the last few years and concluded only few topics dominated in the U.S. media and with negativity. I discussed how horribly those topics were reported with bias and distortion; and yes, I used the word ‘propaganda’ to describe.

In discussion, C.Custer of China Geeks countered (his full comment here) and said:

“It’s important to remember that it’s not the media’s job to help people understand China, it’s their job to REPORT THE NEWS.”

perspectivehere left a couple of very insightful responses which I have decided to highlight and include below. (Some formatting for better readability and highlighting of perspectivehere’s concluding remarks are done by me.) Read more…

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