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Playboy capitalizes on China’s rabbit

January 31st, 2011 No comments

[Update: I’ve changed the title to something I like more.]

As with all major holidays around the globe, commercialization is the inevitability. The Chinese New Year of the Rabbit is upon us in just a few days. I came across a few cases of rabbit capitalism in the West which I think tells us something about culture adoption.

Air Jordan 2011 accented with gold and red

Did you know Michael Jordan was born in the year of the rabbit? Air Jordan 2011 will launch first in China during the Chinese New Year with gray, red and gold accents to symbolize good luck and happiness.

Business will pay homage to your culture if you have money to spend, no? As I have always said in the past, China’s economic resurgence guarantees Chinese culture resurgence.

Hugh Hefner would certainly love the year of the rabbit too. If he has a way to mate the rabbit of the West with the rabbit of the East, could you imagine the fortune? And it appears he has found the right formula.
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