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Tsinghua University Professor, Yan Xuetong: “The Rise of China in Chinese Eyes”

February 21st, 2010 8 comments

Tsinghua University Professor, Yan Xuetong, published an essay in the Journal of Contemporary China in 2001 entitled, “The Rise of China in Chinese Eyes.” It is rare to find something in the English language that articulates so well the Chinese perspective on such a big topic.   He addressed all key concerns related to this rise.  He also offers a view from the Chinese leaders.  China has a very long history and has developed a lot of wisdom, and Professor Yan also explains for us how a rising China with the Chinese way of looking at things could benefit the world.  This essay is a must read.  I have highlighted some some excerpts: Read more…

The Next U.S. Administration and the Future of US-China Relationship

September 15th, 2008 62 comments

Several bloggers here have asked that we start a discussion regarding which of the U.S. presidential candidates might be better for China – or at least, better for a solid U.S.-China relationship.  Read more…