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April 20th, 2013 11 comments

Latest number from China Daily’s coverage shows death toll has risen to 200+ for the Yan’an (雅安) earthquake which occurred yesterday.  The epicenter is not too far from the 5.12 quake that hit Sichuan back in 2008.  Rescue operations is paramount during the first 72-hour window following the quake.  China has already mobilized 8,000 troops with more on standby.  This was a 7.0 magnitude quake, and though comparatively weaker than the 8.1 few years ago but still massive.  For the 1.5 million people affected in Sichuan, and especially in Yan’an (雅安), we stand by you. 雅安我们和你在一起!

Wenchuan reconstruction indeed a miracle

May 28th, 2011 1 comment

I was still saddened by the 2008 May 12th earthquake in Sichuan Province while watching the presently airing 10-part series documentary on CCTV. It has also given me a lot of hope and opened my eyes on what is possible. CCTV has every right to call the reconstruction a miracle. Despite the tragedy, in just three short years, whole cities have been built; it is mind boggling what the present day Chinese society is able to pull off. Click image below to the documentary site.

Wenchuan Reconstruction (CCTV)

Moving on without closure: The hardiness and resilience of the Chinese society

China presses hush money on grieving parents,” according to New York Times

Parents of children killed in collapsed school buildings in the Sichuan earthquake have been offered cash settlements, relaxing of the birth quota and pensions by the local government. In exchange, they are pressured to sign a contract to give up demand for investigations into official negligence and corruption associated with the collapsed schools. Some parents have relented and signed the contract, while others have refused.

A while ago at the collective funeral for the victims at one of the schools with a large casualty, the grieving parents’ pain was so profound that some bite on their fingers and wrote their children’s names with a wish of a “good journey” in their blood on a piece of white cloth. The pain of losing a child can never be compensated with money. My discussion will focus on a cross-cultural understanding on the money in question. Is it correct to label the Chinese authorities’ offer to the grieving parents “hush money”, or even “compensation”? Read more…