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China’s public smoking ban regulation in place, but toothless

May 2nd, 2011 16 comments

In my recent trip to China, the one thing that I really disliked was the fact that so many people smoked. Not only that, there was a general disregard for non-smokers who do not wish to be second-hand smokers. While on airplanes, buses, and some other places, people observed non-smoking signs well. In restaurants and other places, adults puffed away unhindered, even while their children sat right next to them. We asked our relatives about the May 1 smoking ban. Their response was, “let’s see.” It was very disappointing. I thought this Xinhua article captured nicely how the Chinese view the new regulation. The 1.2 million deaths a year due to smoking is atrocious and should be screaming at everyone in China! The public is still ignorant of the hazards of smoking. This is an area where the government could clearly do more and is not.

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