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ABC TV reporter films and angers ‘secret agents;’ one ‘agent’ freaks out

May 25th, 2011 22 comments

Below is a footage by Stephen McDonell while on assignment for ABC TV’s Foreign Correspondent program in China. They were investigating some “underground Christian boom” for airing in Australia. Religion (actually, underground churches) is a sensitive topic, so I can imagine the Chinese government being careful as to not let foreign journalist stir up anything. Apparently, some Chinese security team has been following McDonell, and the reporter finally confronts them. A member of the team freaks out in reaction to being filmed. This whole affair is a bit comical; in tier 1 cities, I imagine these type of folks would be much more experienced. Ever call some customer service department where in the beginning you are reminded the conversation may be recorded for training purposes? That’s what comes to mind for me on this video. McDonell will get catapulted to stardom in the Western press for being part of this ‘news’ – for a while at least – like the guy who got dragged away from Wangfujing.

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