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Happy Ten – Ten (Double Ten)

October 12th, 2011 45 comments

October 10th is the National Day of the Republic of China.  It is celebrated in both Taiwan and the Mainland as an event that liberated China from the grip of feudal rule.

Following up on Ma Ying-Jeou’s 10-10 speech (Chinese version) as well as zack’s recent comment in the open forum yesterday, I thought I’d put in some of my thoughts. Read more…

“舞动春天” (“Dancing to Spring”), a Happy Chinese New Year from Malaysia

January 26th, 2011 No comments

三大皇牌 is a group based out of Malaysia (singers Crystal Ong Shir Ching, Angeline Khoo Yen Nee, and Nick Chung), and here they perform “舞动春天” (“Dancing to Spring”) in anticipation of the Chinese New Year of the rabbit (February 3, 2011). I also want to take this opportunity to say hello to our Malaysian friends and readers. Talking about connections, the Malaya Chinese community has many ties to China. Here is a connection to Sun Yat Sen (thx raffiaflower).

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