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Briton Tom Grundy Attempts Citizen’s Arrest On Tony Blair In Hong Kong

June 15th, 2012 24 comments

Last month, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was interrupted at the Leveson inquiry by David Lawley-Wakelin accusing him of war crimes in the role he played in misleading U.K. into the 2003 Iraq invasion. Recently, another British activist, Tom Grundy, symbolically tried citizen’s arrest on Blair while the former PM was giving a speech in Hong Kong. Grundy said, “I put it to him that he’d caused the death of at least 100,000 people during the Iraq War.” This news really struck me thinking about the recent June 4th candle light vigil in Hong Kong commemorating the 89 Tiananmen protest (which by the way is full of lies in the Western narrative). Where are the candles for this 100k 1 million Iraqis? If they’d joined Grundy in the citizen’s arrest, people could say they at least have principle. [Update June 17, 2012]Make sure to read comments below, including perspectivehere’s analysis on why the video I embedded below from ITN is sympathetic to Blair whereas Grundy’s own version tells a truer story of his own intentions. [Update June 18, 2012]One should also ask why doesn’t the Hong Kong vigil demonstrators demonstrate for the 1967 Hong Kong riot brutally suppressed by the Brits as pointed out in comments below by perspectivehere.

Tony Blair's New Op Ed on China in the Wall Street Journal

August 28th, 2008 59 comments

I thought I’d bring to people’s attention to a recent Op Ed from Tony Blair in the Wall Street Journal on the Rise of China and the Olympics. I think the piece is interesting as a genuine attempt by a Western Leader (or at least a former Western leader) to understand – in good faith – the Rise of China and the Olympics. Read more…