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Bo Xilai best not fart

March 9th, 2012 39 comments

Because if he does, there is clearly a press club waiting for a whiff. After Wang Lijun’s (王立军) visit to the American Consulate in February 6, 2012, there has been speculation in the Western press that this ex-police chief from Chongqing may be seeking political asylum. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has confirmed to a reporter he is indeed under investigation. Further speculation in the Western press is that Wang Lijun may be seeking cover for exposing corruption in his boss, Bo Xilai. In this post, I thought I write about this peculiar press club. But, what’s the connection between this club and Bo Xilai? Apparently, Bo Xilai has a campaign going on in Chongqing for “red” songs. And we know how badly certain corners in the West like to sniff out redness. Anyways, do a search on for ‘Bo Xilai’ and you will get a list which includes NTD TV (FLG propaganda arm), The Epoch Times (FLG), CDT, Melissa Chan (Aljazeera), Tom Lassetter (McClatchy), Austin Ramzy (TIME), and David Barboza (NYT). These various media certainly makes for interesting company, no? Coincidence? Very likely. NYT’s coverage about China? Yeah, a bit better than the FLG outlets. Read more…