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CCTV reports D301’s blackbox recovered

July 25th, 2011 162 comments

Ministry of Rail spokesperson Wang Yongping bows to passengers at press conference (Xinhua)

The Chinese media has been pressing for information relating to why didn’t the D301 train stop in time and instead rear-ended the D3115. In the latest press conference over the collision, Ministry of Rail spokesperson Wang Yongping (王勇平) informed the press that the ‘blackbox’ for the D301 train has been recovered and experts are investigating the cause of the crash. So far, 38 people were confirmed dead with more than 200 injured.

CCTV has also reported the repairs to the rail road is done and rail traffic has resumed.

A passenger sent the first SOS micro-blog message through Sina’s Weibo (username Yangjuan Quanyang) at 8:47pm at the time of the accident and was soon forwarded 112,000 times. Her initial message said: Read more…