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“A River Runs Red in Fujian” and some punishing news

May 5th, 2011 No comments

Zijinshan gold and copper mine spilled acid into the Tingjiang River in Fujian Province last July and killed or sickened thousands of fish

China Daily has just reported the Longyan Municipal Intermediate People’s Court upholding a prior Xinluo District Court ruling fining Zijin Mining for $4.6 million in damages and sentencing the company’s former vice president, Chen Jiahong, the company’s environmental protection officer, Huang Fucai, and three other company managers to three-year sentences. Zijin Mining was found guilty of leaking acid into the Tingjiang River in Fujian Province killing fish and contaminating water.

I followed this news last year with interest, because Fujian Province is where I originally grew up. (More background on this spill can be found on Caixing’s article, “A River Runs Red in Fujian.”)
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