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(Letter) Translation: Haiti Quake Headlines In Chinese Media

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  1. Charles Liu
    January 18th, 2010 at 22:32 | #1

    Just to follow up, the 8 missing Chinese UN peacekeepers are found dead:


    Wang Shulin – from Beijing, 58 years old
    Zong Jianchin – Jianshi, 35
    Li Shin – Yunnan Mongolian AR, 47
    Guo Baoshan – Liaoning, 60
    He Zhihong – Yunnan, 35
    Li Shaoming – Henan, 35
    Yue HwaYu – Henan, 38
    Zu Shaoping – Shanghai, 48

  2. January 19th, 2010 at 14:33 | #2

    Finally we have a topic on this disaster. Thanks Charles. We’ve some posts in open thread. Here are some of my random thoughts.

    * The major reason why Haiti is so poor is the huge population with low natural resources/farm land.
    Before Columbus, Haitians had a decent life with the natural resources (most from the ocean) with a small population. A decent life was and should be sustainable. Today if its population were under control, it should be prosperous with the tourist industry like some other islands close by.

    After Columbus, they imported a lot of slaves to the island from Africa and preached Catholic that causes the unlimited growth of population. Now, a good life is not sustainable. It is the poorest country in America area.

    The other reason their former colonial master France tried to squeeze every penny from them.

    * We should donate money for now for human suffering. Hopefully, Haitians will solve their own problems with the world help. Giving money in the long run will not be beneficial as it competes with local industries with many examples in Africa. Money also causes corruption. It is a land of mud cakes, illiterate folks…

    * From Wikipedia, China has its share of the top 10 earthquakes. Tangshan could be the worst and the numbers may be reported far too low officially. At least, China can take care of its citizens on the last one – with a lot of unjustified criticisms from foreign press. It helps China to prepare for the next disaster.

    * China is one of the first countries to arrive to Haiti even they do not have diplomatic relation. Waving the flag is too propaganda for my taste.

    * I’m glad China is economically successful. 20% of world population do not need to beg for money like Haiti when another disaster strikes.

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