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Welcome to Hidden Harmonies!

February 14th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Welcome to Hidden Harmonies!  We like to officially announce the start of a sister blog to Foolsmountain. We are dedicated to articulating and seeking out Chinese perspectives, smart perspectives, or translations of Chinese opinions from all over the world. Our mission is to foster a global community of intellectual and influential citizens interested in China to comment, discuss, praise or critique China (as the case may be) as China continues her rise in stature, power, and influence. It is also about soliciting opinions from citizens around the world to comment on a world that is increasingly less Western, and more Eastern as China continues her rise.

We are thrilled that the birth of this blog can coincide with the beginning of new Year of the Tiger (02/14/2010). As you may know, the Tiger is the third sign in the Chinese Zodiac cycle. As a sign for bravery and courage, it was often used to ward away bad fortune and evil spirits in ancient times.  Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the “Founder of the Republic” (or “Father of the Revolution”) that is still held in high respect by Chinese on both sides of the strait, was himself a Tiger. We hope you will find this blog to provide similar auspicious purposes.

As we mentioned in our “About” page, all contributors here write on a voluntary basis with no compensation; those who write are driven to do so by their conscience, and nothing else. We are completely unaffiliated with any government, political party, or movement. The roots of Hidden Harmonies is Fool’s Mountain, which was previously known as (had its roots in) blog4china.

Articles and comments prior to this announcement have been copied from Fool’s Mountain.  Materials we feel distracted from our goal of facilitating meaningful exchange have been left out. If you feel your article should be included, please send us an email.

The layout and features of this blog should be very familiar to Fool’s Mountain readers.

Here is a brief rundown of Hidden Harmonies’ features:

  • About Us: In case you need to be reminded of what our goals are, this is the page to check out.  It will also list the key contributors who help sustain this community.
  • Open Forum:  This is an area where we welcome readers to give us feedbacks, tell us what they want to read, or to simply to share off-beat thoughts with each other.
  • FAQ: Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page contains more information; including tips like emoticons, feed URL’s, and listing all posts by certain author.
  • Register: We encourage our readers to take part in this community by registering.  Over time, we hope to enrich your experiences here.  To become a registered user on Hidden Harmonies, click on the register link below the visitor map.

If you are a reader of Fool’s Mountain, we welcome you. If you are new, we welcome you just as the same!  We look forward to many years of well-meaning, even if heated, exchanges. And we hope you will find this blog a useful resource.

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