Chen Sisi (陈思思): Dear Chinese People (亲亲的中国人)

It is a patriotic song, as the title should make it all apparent – “Dear Chinese People.” I liked this video for its imagery. The majority of the Chinese people are proud and very forward looking for the progress China has made in the last three decades. This video sums up that sentiment rather well. I know this type of videos may not sit well with many Westerners – because their media tells them every day everything is wrong with their society or everyone outside of their national borders are bad. Especially with the global economic crisis, Westerners seem unable to celebrate anymore. (Ok, unless if you are the Spaniards who have just won the World Cup, in which case the party is still going strong.) So, the video offers this contrast.

(Here is the video on 土豆网,, (“亲亲的中国人“) in case you have trouble with viewing it.)

The singer is Chen Sisi (陈思思). She likes Nicole Kidman and Whitney Houston. She’s into doing charity work too – like Jackie Chan.

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  1. I am an American from Washington state, and I really like Chen Sisi’s music. Among my favorites are 拥军爱民 and 把每一天过好. The Chinese people have much to be proud of and a great future to look forward to.

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