Next Media Animation:“US-Sino Currency Rap Battle”

I am in Japan for another day and then heading back to the U.S.. Next Media Animation based in Taiwan has produced this video about the supposed currency battle between the U.S. and China. To me, the real truth is really a battle between the USD and the world’s currencies – not just China’s. Anyways, I thought the video was entertaining nevertheless. I don’t agree with the simple USD and RMB fixation as is in the Western media. For example, when the Japanese government intervened to weaken the Yen since the U.S. has weakened the USD so much against it, the Japanese government was severely lashed by the U.S..

4 thoughts on “Next Media Animation:“US-Sino Currency Rap Battle”

  1. The company has an interesting history. I believe they had originally wanted to get into movie graphics and animation, but found the market too tough. Then they turned into short features – and have racked up a few contracts with the likes of NASA (not sure where I read this). They have now targetted their vision at creating an animation news market – where news (in a few years) will be told through short animations.

    Of course, the company is not without controveries. Many have accused the company with playing fast and loose with the facts, catering to sensationalism to make a profit.

    And Jimmy Lai – its charismatic founder – is not shy about blathering. According to this interview, he is a staunch supporter of democracy for China – Taiwanese style

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