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Chinese scientists made breakthrough in nuclear technology increasing uranium efficiency 60 folds

Chinese scientists made breakthrough at the No.404 Factory of China National Nuclear Corp in the Gobi desert in remote Gansu province, enabling the re-use of spent uranium and increasing the efficiency of nuclear fuel by 60 folds.  China’s existing supply of uranium throughout China was estimated to last for 70 years.  With this technology, China now forecasts the supply lasting 3,000 years.

This breakthrough obviously makes nuclear power a much more practical option, because the waste resulting from use is now dramatically reduced.

This news will be making headlines around the globe. The Western media reaction to this news is of course predictable. Here is an example(scroll down to the last paragraph) of their typical hubris:

China National Nuclear Corporation said last year it planned to invest 800bn yuan (£78bn) in the industry by 2020. China has already been replicating the technology of its foreign suppliers and is moving to design its own reactors and reprocessing plants. The next step is construction and overseas sales.

As if everything under the sky needs to be “replicated” from “foreign suppliers” (they mean the West in this case). How ridiculous. I expect India and other countries to be looking at China for this technology. When China National Nuclear Corporation makes its first nuclear plant sale to India, I will be the first to relay that news here.

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  1. Chops
    January 3rd, 2011 at 15:39 | #1

    Other countries may already have similar technology

    “Several European countries including Russia, India and Japan already reprocess irradiated nuclear fuel. Each country’s process is considered an industrial secret and not shared.”

  2. PL123
    January 3rd, 2011 at 16:02 | #2

    Chops :Other countries may already have similar technologyhttp://en.rian.ru/world/20110103/162036456.html
    “Several European countries including Russia, India and Japan already reprocess irradiated nuclear fuel. Each country’s process is considered an industrial secret and not shared.”

    Of course it is secret, that is understandable.

    FYI: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy politicians, Szeto Wah died on lung cancer. We lost a good person in HK and China, a real patriot.

  3. wwww1234
    January 3rd, 2011 at 22:08 | #3

    Szeto Wah was no more a patriot than many others who hold opposite views.
    He genuinely believed and propagated literally that there was not a single good person within the CCP, and based his actions and speech on that assumption. He believed without exception, that averaged opinion was the best opinion for all policies , without taken into consideration that preferences were so often perverted by the corporate media/western propaganda in HK, and in general people are not able to make rational/reasonable decision for long term events, and preference seldom coincide with real long term interests, as it is existing today.
    His politics were basically confrontational, and his advocacy and criticism of china esp the June 4th event, was often based on his over self righteousness leading to a self deceiving/manufactured reality.
    Basically, HK’s social agenda had been hijacked without any accomplishment in economic advance or social development when compared with singapore.
    I like to learn more about his patriotic efforts/accomplishment that you could provide.

  4. PL123
    January 4th, 2011 at 06:23 | #4

    To ask CCP to face the recent (self-made problem) history (June4) is difficult, almost impossible. See how CCP wrote Chinese recent history, without Nanking Massacre. How you can face your own people, teach your own people to identify good and bad. Without Japanese army CCP was still in the cave, that´s why Mao was very happy and grateful to Japanese. But Japan invaded China was a fact, you must face it.

    The CCP party has her own interest to survive forever like other democratic party. It is fine for me as long as you do your job well. But when I see so many social problems in China, I can´t close my eyes and bless CCP.

    I support the economical reform. I agree it is a chaotic changing period (big time in Chinese history!) and Chinese government need more time to handle social, corruption problems. But I would like to know how long is she need to do her job. It is not request too much from our government.

    We should all learn to 求同存異 and build trust within our people and government. Don´t make only hot air any more. Money can´t buy love…

    Hong Kong is always a distorted social if you want to put it that way. First was by British government, now by Chinese government. What is the differernt, just another Boss to serve. It took Hong Kong people some time to learn to accommodate China´s important in our society. Well we both need time to adjust too. Interactive.

    Singapore was a different story. LiKuanYew has a vision, HK former governors and now CEO has no vision, no long time plan. We were touching stone to cross the river. HK was a borrowed land so is the fact. With the semi-democracy system in HK there will be even less chance to do anything big and aggressive for HK. Well done! England´s government. They knew we can´t handle democracy as the western nations. And it is the best stragegy against China. (My opinion only!)

    “self deceiving/manufactured reality.” When your statement is true, then June4 was never happened. Just a factory made fake. Right! Face the truth! my friend!! It is not too difficult to say sorry, but more difficult to bury it forever. Paper can´t wrap fire. IMO, June4´s shooting was probably unavoidable, but to tell the truth to the general public is a must. It is just to proof our government is responsive. Great government like Germany feel sorry about their crime in WWII.

    SzeTo Wah did not trust CCP, even worse was Mao. Like many other HK patriots who admired Communism at that time. Later they all realized what CCP or Mao was doing for the country. (all the politic activities!) You may like to point out he was a foreign power to support June4. I can tell you he was not, many other HK people did donated money to support the students, not foreign power. Are you really considering HK people are foreigner?? “Yellow Bird” was a success to rescue some students out from China, in the other case they will be in jail for 20 years. So is good for China government that they are in foreign countries.

    Szeto Wah want to stop the one-party system for democracy, redress June4 etc. For CCP, he is a enemy. But I admire his vision, but I am not neccessary agree with him. He is a patriot for lot of HK people. A icon now…

  5. SilentChinese
    January 4th, 2011 at 09:02 | #5

    This May or may not been a break through.

    they already has a fast reactor deal with AREVA of France.

    But past is any indication. they may well have developed some properitery process of their own on top of what AREVA has to boost efficiency.

    Current state-of-art only allows a tiny percentage of fuel to be used.

    China’s commerical nuclear is not with talents. It was short funded.

    now funding has come through…

  6. SilentChinese
    January 4th, 2011 at 09:05 | #6

    My only regret to the 6-4 thing is that:
    government should have reacted faster and with firmer hand.

    less people would have been hurt and less disruption would have had.

    the generations that in china that went through this, majority think they themselves made a mistake.

    now I will raise my free-speech shield and watch the fireworks.

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