Ever heard of Justin Yifu Lin?

Most people probably don’t know him but I believe he is one of the most influential people from Taiwan. Here is a World Policy Institute interview of Justin Yifu Lin, the current Senior Vice President of World Bank. He was appointed on 2008.  On another note Zhu Min was appointed deputy managing director at IMF.

I also included a more personal interview (in Mandarin) he made with Phoenix TV in 2008. I apologized I have to post it in segments as the complete program is paid only. He recently made another interview and I will post it when it is available. You have to view each clip in order:













2 thoughts on “Ever heard of Justin Yifu Lin?

  1. Yes, he’s the guy that swam across the strait, quite a story
    On a side note, will the appointment of more Chinese citizens into the IMF and World Bank change the way these organizations operate?

  2. @xian
    LOL. Not really across the strait but from Jinmen to Xiamen. Swiming across the Taiwan strait would be really tough. However, he is very courageous, because if caught he faced certain death.

    Well, the apointment of Chinese deputy chiefs at World Bank and IMF is due to the rise of the economical power of China. The US still has the largest voting right and veto power at both organizations though.

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