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Google’s Project Glass

The following is a live demo of Google’s Project Glass at the Moscone Center in San Francisco earlier today, with Google co-founder Sergey Brin hosting. (Click here for another demo showing how Google services are integrated.) It’s essentially computer in a pair of glasses, able to see what you see and meshes your smartphone’s display into it. It’s not that the technology is new, but the fact that Google is bringing it to the masses and integrating with Google Hangout and other of its services that make it ground-breaking. Corporations with deep pockets can make big bets like this. Being an industry leader and having reaped so much profit gives you opportunity to invest. While we don’t like Google’s politics, as a technology and Internet services behemoth, it’s an amazing company.

Following is a model depicting how Google envisions the form-factor may look like some day.

Perhaps Google is using Bluetooth or something similar to connect the glasses with the phone. For this model, I’d like to imagine her underwear is the wearable computer. I don’t think we are there yet in having everything self-contained in the eye glasses.

This is the brain-child of three Googlers, according to Wikipedia: Babak Parviz, an electrical engineer who has also worked on putting displays into contact lenses; Steve Lee, a project manager and “geolocation specialist”; and Sebastian Thrun, who developed Udacity as well as working on the self-driving car project.

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  1. Zack
    June 27th, 2012 at 16:15 | #1

    sergey brin, for all his apparent techno wizardy, is an idiot when it comes to company politics and marketing. For one thing, you do not alienate the up and coming techno/political/military superpower and their growing corps of engineers/technicians; google’s days are numbered. Sooner or later, Google is going to have to go up against Chinese internet giants and chances are they’re either going to be bought out or diminished. Delaying actions by Congress as in the case of Huawei, will only succeed for so long before the inevitability of Chinese supremacy in technology becomes reality.

  2. Charles Liu
    June 27th, 2012 at 16:55 | #2

    Didn’t Polaroid make some goggles for Lady Gaga? Anyways it’s a ways off, even it it’s just shrinking a BT display and battery into a frame, given wearable displays right now look like giant sun glasses with USB cable.

    By the time technology shrinks, the Chinese will be making them and coming up with their own designs leveraging the same technology.

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