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Good to see Chinese media going on the offensive in an unapologetic manner

This is a good start, but we need more articles like this in the Mainland press, not just HK:

West has no reason to be smug
Graeme Maxton says Western leaders who lecture the rest of the world about democracy, human rights and the free market should first practise what they preach, then learn to respect other ways.


Here are some notable excerpts:

But it is their hypocrisy that grates the most.

American and European politicians love to bash Chinese, Middle Eastern and African leaders around the ears, lecturing about their lack of democracy. Representative democracy is portrayed as a self-evident truth, despite being viewed by America’s founding fathers as a system they wanted to avoid.

Worse still, Western leaders do not practise what they preach. In the US and much of Europe, the democratic choice is often limited to two big parties, which are almost identical. It is as if Western politicians are suggesting that a two-party state is much better that a one-party state.

Moreover, big business has hijacked the legislative process in many countries. Huge corporations fund US electoral campaigns and lobby for favourable legislation in Europe and Washington, corrupting the system. Media organisations keep politicians in their pocket. In Britain, Canada, Australia, and most US elections, the first-past-the-post system means that most votes are practically worthless. The same party wins in most constituencies, most of the time. And, in the US, according to a study by the Pew research group, an ever more complex registration process has effectively disenfranchised 24 per cent of the people.

Barely half of those eligible bother to vote in the West any longer, so little do they think of the system. Despite this, the dogma of democracy is shoved down the throats of everyone else.

And here is another:

Freedom, that other great beacon carried aloft by America’s State Department, is not what it once was either. Human rights have been badly undermined by the embarrassment of Guantanamo, and by the thousands of people who have been detained for years without trial. Lots of them have been subjected to torture. The policy of assassinating others without judicial review, using unmanned drones, undermines America’s human rights record even further.

Worryingly, police brutality has grown in much of the West too. Protesters hailed for their calls for democratic change in the Middle East are forcibly removed for making much the same demands in New York and Los Angeles. Students calling for social justice in California are pepper-sprayed at close range while they sit peacefully on a paved path.

Western media liberty has been undermined too. In the annual ranking of press freedom, the US is now 47th, four places behind Botswana. The reason? It has arrested and detained tens of journalists to stop them covering democratic protests. American police now also use powerful strobe lights to blind and confuse television cameras trying to record their activities.

Personal freedom has withered in much of the West too. Citizens are routinely watched by their governments. They are tracked and monitored by CCTV cameras. They have their e-mails opened, their Google searches logged and their phone calls recorded. In Britain, one in eight adults has been swabbed, their DNA taken, stored and kept, despite the fact that many have not been charged with any crime.

And it is the same with the West’s endless calls for free markets and more liberal trade. It is promoting a system that is not working and that has lost touch with its principles. Free market economic ideas have brought Europe and America’s citizens a mountain of debt, an obsession with shopping and widened the gap between rich and poor. Indirectly, they have also led to some of the highest crime and obesity rates in the world. Yet, still, the West tells everyone else that their way is the best way, indeed, the only way. TINA, said Margaret Thatcher – there is no alternative.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a subscription to read the full article, but you can see it here at CDF (free registration required):


Anyway, while I don’t necessarily agree with all the nuances in this article, it outlines the style of writing that we should use more often – firm and non-defensive.

  1. raffiaflower
    August 26th, 2012 at 10:18 | #1

    China needs to come up to speed with disinformation/propaganda warfare in the 21st century. This is one of the many fronts – currency war, trade war, resources war, etc – before the knock-out, drag-down final round of military confrontation.
    War is about winning hearts and minds, as a presidential scion of opium-dealers once said; information is a crucial front.
    China should strengthen the reach of its media/information distribution into regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia and BRICs, to break the monopoly of disinformation organs such as BBC, CNN, Reuters, AP, AFP, etc. The writing is too often slanted, selective and sometimes, outright lies.

    Overcoming the prejudices of Western readers – not to mention the paid posters on Western news blogs – on their own turf is much harder, since they have been subject to centuries of brainwashing about the superiority of Western system.
    But, as China’s influence spreads, more readers may access the Web for the country’s view in global affairs; it needs to drop the diplomat-ese of `urging, co-operate, protest, find common ground, amicable solution, etc’ – that sort of avuncular language is wasted on imperialist bullies.

    It has to come out with unapologetic, in-your-face editorials, in the same language that Shrillary uses when castigating China and Russia on Syria, to show it means business. Xinhua’s recent bare-knuckled word-fest, hitting out at the US and its hypocrisy on Syria, was a good one: over there at moon of alabama’s blog.

  2. denk
    September 8th, 2012 at 08:23 | #2

    stick it to them
    dont let fukus has the field all to themselves
    advantage to china
    coz every policy of fukus is indefensible

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