Fact Checking US Government Propaganda On Maoming PX Protest Death

It is often said Chinese government propaganda like Xinhua, People’s Daily, are highly agendaed and utterly unreliable. But how about America’s government propaganda? Here’s a recent example as illustration.

Recently, news of protesters killed in Maoming over a chemical plant made suspicious rounds – only in the usual propaganda outlets, Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, and ancillary outlets like Epoch Times, Boxun. These accusations of Chinese government killing protesters were accompanied with photos of citizen laying on the ground bleeding. However, a quick Google image-based search revealed these photos are not from the PX plant protest, but were victims of violent crime elsewhere in China:

RFA used a photo from a hacking attack that occurred in 2012, and was subsequently regurgitated by Falun Gong outlets like Epoch Times:

RFAprop Wenzhoutruth

VOA used a photo from a hacking attack that occurred in 2013 that was then Echo Chambered by Boxun:

VOAprop Qinhaitruth

As a loyal tax payers I am completely disappointed by how my hard earned tax dollars are misused.

5 thoughts on “Fact Checking US Government Propaganda On Maoming PX Protest Death

  1. Only incurable fools will believe broadcasts from “voices of **” (** are the country/region of related audiences).

  2. the US is getting desperate; China is powering on ahead and the USD is fast becoming more and more irrelevant in world trade

  3. @Zack
    It’s a pathetically desperate attempt to “destabilize” China. Now that the Russian stood up to those psychopathic thugs in Washington in relation to “Ucraine”, now these lunatics are trying to “target” China with their insane quest for “world domination”. Their “house of cards” is falling in very slow motion.

  4. @Allen

    But who cares? Such “Voice of **” stations were created for cold war and still used in such way. It’s their job to twist every bright side of US’s enemies into dark sides. It can be said that they’re worse mother f*uckers than minions like CNN.

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