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Behind the Great Western Firewall Is the Ugly Truth

I came across this article on the Vineyard of the Saker blog, which I think is worth reading (both the article and the blog in general). I don’t know what fellow Hidden Harmonies bloggers think of other works by Jeff Brown (especially those related to China), but his description of information control methods in the West seems to be pretty spot on.

By the way, my fellow bloggers should be proud of the fact that Hidden Harmonies is listed as a source of good alternative media, in the same mention as Asia Times and CounterPunch no less.

I choose not to copy and paste this essay in its entirety, given that there are multiple hyperlinks in it, which are necessary components that enrich the narrative. While I’m sure there are some automated ways to copy over these hyperlinks, I figured an extra click wouldn’t be too hard. 🙂

Behind the Great Western Firewall Is the Ugly Truth

  1. N.M.Cheung
    February 16th, 2015 at 12:46 | #1

    I have no problem with Chinese Great Fire Wall as those who want to operate in China have to obey Chinese laws. There are no universal value free utopian notions that West espouses. Google is arrogant in arrogating they be the arbiter of what’s evil or morality. It might damage free exchange of ideas and most small nations have no alternative but to bent and accommodate Google, but China is now powerful enough to challenge that. As for Western Great Fire Wall it operates much more subtly, for example I have difficulty posting comments in favor of China or critical of Israel in NYT, It either refuses to post them or delay posting them near the end of time period before they disappear completely, while those comments against China get favored treatment and no delay. As for conspiracy theories I don’t subscribe them. I think it gives too much credit for convoluted plotlines as they do not really need them and discredit those who challenge them. Most people are satisfied with status quo and easily distracted and fooled, a TV show like “Homeland” suits them much better. As Snowden disclosed that NSA is unparalleled in collecting data, but analyzing and understanding them is a totally different kettle.

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