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Donald Trump’s Logic is also what’s wrong with Western Media

“some, I assume, are good people“.  Donald Trump could have said this just about for any group.  Which is precisely what’s wrong with Western media, as we have said repeatedly for years.

Only now, Western Media, even Fox, is piling on Trump for what they themselves keep writing in “journalism”.

Undoubtedly, Donald makes them all look bad, by taking their logic of sweeping generalization into public limelight and in such gaudy extreme.

If Mexicans are “rapists”, that’s only because for years, Chinese were liars, cheaters, thieves, polar bear hunters, and street peeing baby/pet eaters (according to Western media).

Trump has 1 point for him.  He’s just applying the logic most prevalent in Western media and Western society.

If he’s wrong and ridiculous, then so has the “Free Press” been for many years.

Trump in essence, is a product of the “Free Press”, full of self-righteous indignation, and little else.

Worst of all, Trump puts on the typical “I won’t admit my wrongs,” because his righteousness is based on the typical Western Exceptionalism.  He’s rich, he’s powerful, like the West, so he cannot be wrong in his own mind.

No wonder Trump is ahead in the GOP polls.  Among the more than 1 dozen GOP candidates, who are ALL willing to wrap themselves up in guns and the flag, Trump resonates the most.

And Trump doesn’t even have to show a video of himself shooting guns or having an oversized flag behind him, to get ahead in the polls.  Trump isn’t even all that outright religious, or speak with a country accent.  So WHY is Trump so appealing??

Even among independent voters, Trump is tied with Clinton and ahead of everyone else.  http://beforeitsnews.com/obama-birthplace-controversy/2015/07/ppp-polling-among-independent-voters-trump-is-tied-with-clinton-and-ahead-of-bush-he-is-also-ahead-of-bush-among-conservatives-2491936.html

Because Trump is the MOST American, in his unflinching “exceptionalism”, to never admit any wrongs.

Which is how Western Media behaves, and how Americans want their country to behave.

If that’s troubling of a future for some, I say, don’t be.

As 1 Western liberal media put it, we all like to see how far this will go.

Perhaps in the future, because of Trump, Western media will learn to curb their own exceptionalism, and admit mistakes.  I can only hope.

If not, then Trump is precisely the kind of Democracy the West deserves.

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  1. August 8th, 2015 at 12:06 | #1

    That’s why he has such high rating, like typical American he blames everybody but himself. As he has filed for bankruptcy trice, it is obvious he is someone who likes to take chances. However, I believe he would not be elected as bravado and brinkmanship will not get too far, even in the US.

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