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If China Fears “Instability,” then the Western Democracies are Oblivious.

A government should fear “instability”, or rather should fear the anger of the People in instability.  Western Media has been in the habit of attributing virtually everything Chinese government does as “in fear of instability.”  To that, I say good.  That’s the way it should be.

Tang Emperor Gaozong said once, “Water can float a boat, but can also capsize it. People are like water and the sovereign is like a boat.”  A Government that loses fear of the People is doomed to capsize.

So it is that the West, with its own self-brainwashing, convinces itself that its Democratic “order” is unquestionable and unattainable by others.

Yet, the signs point not to calm waters, but boiling seas.

Just today, a gunman shot a TV reporter and her cameraman to death, while they were on live TV.  A third person was injured.  The shooter shot himself to death hours later.  But not before he faxed 23 pages worth of personal grievances, complaining of bitter discrimination and injustices he suffered.

It’s easy to dismiss such periodic now acts of senseless violence in US (and sometimes in typically peaceful Nordic Europe).  But the statistics also paint a similar picture.

Washington DC, after years of declining crime rate, suddenly experienced a dramatic increase in murder last year, attributed vaguely and partly on the racial disturbances of Ferguson, Baltimore, NYC.

A friend of mine personally witnessed a drive by shooting just outside of Verizon Center, in touristy Chinatown area of DC last October.  http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Shooting-Verizon-Center-Oct-31-Halloween-281150442.html

This was no broken down neighborhood.  This was a well lit area with lots of well to do tourists and a lot of police patrol.

DC Metro trains, (well lit and clean) are experiencing increased incidents of assaults and robberies on the trains.

Yet, the Western media and politicians are deaf and blind to the social disorder that’s bubbling underneath, heated by underlying racial and economic inequalities.

“Instability” is not a word discussed by the Western Democracies.  Their problems are pointed to “socialism, taxes, foreign spies, illegal immigrants, Islamic terrorists, anchor babies.”  (just listen to their political campaigns)

As if the West is afraid of admitting that they have a problem with “instability”.  When they clearly do now.

Yes, Virginia, there is still racism.  So why would it be surprising that “instability” must also exist?  Is there such a benign racism and inequality, that society would be stable and happy in spite of them?

Avoidance of a word in Western Media when discussing the West, only shows how Orwellian the West has become.

That only further shows how much the West really fears “instability”.  They fear it enough that it shall not be named.

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