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God is Mad at China Again…

I copied a video from Tiktok showing a video from the Epoch Times. The video showed amazing recent footage of lightning in Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Chengdu.

But … instead of leaving it just as that … the video goes on to gives a narrative these natural occurrences may not be completely natural … that perhaps God is mad at China. Why else would lightning arise near where so many people live or directly hit buildings?

Never mind if you can google amazing footage of churches being hit by lightning on the Internet… There are no talks of God being mad at Christians there! When Chinese buildings get hit, it must mean God is mad. Chinese must be somehow evil.

This is the sort of narrative people in the West are surrounded by all the time. All things are viewed threw a colored lens. When a misfortune hits China, it is not just a mis-fortune – i.e. a bad luck. No, it’s an indication of China’s bad Karma, of Chinese decadence, evilness, deviance, etc.

This “racist” attitude toward China may be the reason for the real reason for the West’s incredibly bad handling of the coronavirus – despite its advance science and technology.

When the coronavirus first hit, there was a smugness in the West. The virus was not seen as a threat because China was deemed as dirty … and backward. China had it coming. It was a sign of China’s evilness. The plague would never hit the West.

Chinese worse masks. They were ridiculed. People in the West threw out a travel ban … and sat back thinking they would enjoy a great show.

When China quickly turned the corner … and Chinese companies began helping the World – including the West – shrills were made about Chinese hoarding essential products.

In reality, the Chinese people worked as fast and as hard as they could to get the product out in a safe and efficient manner. When the products start flowing (quickly) again, shrills were made about “defective products.”

Never mind that billions and billions of products were sent, almost of top quality and caliber. But when a few defects are found – the torrential blames were assigned yet again.

When a Chinese company makes some products that turn out to be defective, it’s the fault of China … of the Chinese government … if not the people … even the culture … with calls for China to pay reparations…

When an American organization makes a mistake, it’s presumed usually to be just an unfortunate incidence … at most the fault of a particular department … maybe even just a bad person. Think CDC’s mess up at producing working test kits for the coronavirus earlier in March and April. Was there calls for doubting American government in general, or America’s form of government, or the American people, or the American tradition or culture, or American character?

Going back to the lightning video, when lightning hit a church, it’s an unfortunate thing. A freak of nature. People talk about science of lightning and building and how such misfortunes can be avoided.

But when lightning hit a Chinese building all bets are off…! It’s the evil, dirty Chinese. Something must be wrong with China. The lightning strikes must mean something. The strikes have been deserved.

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