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Color Revolutions and Human Rights on my Mind

As we near the Beijing Winter Olympics, and as we keep hearing the West voicing its “concerns” over “Genocides” in XinJiang, “Democratic” “Abuses” in Hong Kong, and all sorts of human rights “Violations” throughout China, I keep thinking to myself, what is this world really about?

In light of the recent attempted color revolution and foreign sponsored terrorist coup against the government of Kazakhstan, where is the voice that says enough is enough? National governments must be empowered to help the people. Even if national governments become corrupt, the people must be given the space to re-organize and regroup their government. Foreign NGOs, even the truly well-intentioned ones, cannot take place of the local governments. NGOs are never transparent. They have no legal or moral duty to the people. They can pack up the next day, and no one would call them out for it. Local governments can’t do that. The people can never really know who the NGOs truly are, where they get their money, who are their real bosses, what’s their mission, who within to be held accountable, etc.

Here are some videos from my colleague Rolf last year to deserve a second look in light of the ideological attacks levied against China these days…

  1. Ngok Ming Cheung
    February 10th, 2022 at 05:45 | #1

    There is no arguing with Western media on human rights. They feel no need to explain other viewpoints and suppress different opinions. I tried to post in NYT comments and regularly delayed on my postings or denied. last time I said those allegations were made by Uighurs with multiple siblings, left China on regular passports, while Hans was limited to single child, and Uighur population grew faster than Hans. The fact of genocides of Native Americans and slavery, and the situation of Afghanistan if not the past 20 years, the present situation with starvation while withholding money, if that is not genocide what else it is?

  2. Charles Liu
    March 2nd, 2022 at 20:42 | #2

    All this anti-China rethorics have garnered push back and probably will die down after the Olympics is over:

    Jeffrey Sachs urging Biden to withdraw Trump regime accusation:

  3. Charles Liu
    March 3rd, 2022 at 01:50 | #3

    Also current Ukraine conflict can be traced to the 2004 color revolution that induced regime change. The pro western government installed led to Ukrainian constitution change opening the door to further NATO expansion that crossed Russia’s security red line.

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