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Hans Rosling: sovereignty and capitalism got China and India moving

November 5th, 2011 65 comments

Following is a TED talk given by Hans Rosling about two years ago. Rosling has a unique skill in visualizing large data sets that span civilizations. In a nutshell, it was freeing from colonialism and foreign invasions followed by capitalism that is finally enabling China and India to slowly catch up to their Westerner counterparts. His data and visualization couldn’t make it any clearer. Niall Ferguson has been making his rounds about the six “killer apps” of the West where he argued were responsible for the West’s success in the last five centuries. I thought this Rosling talk is every bit relevant to what Nial Ferguson is saying, or rather, what he neglected to explicitly say. Most of the rich countries today managed to keep such a distance in terms of wealth and power because they kept the rest of the world down through war and plunder.

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