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TNN – Tilted News Network Debuts on HH.


I realize now that I can’t fight CNN, because it’s apparent that the West is winning the ideological war based upon a mindset of active ignorance and sometimes complete shameless lying.  (But no, I’m not admitting defeat).

So, I’m debutting a CNN style news network, informally, here on HH.  I call it TNN, Tilted News Network.  It will publish articles in CNN style, complete with inaccurate reporting, erroneous photo captions, completely annonymous sourcing, outlandish assertions, and no fact checks at all, (focused on the West of course).

Yes, I intend to make mountains out of mole hills, genocides out of street protests, etc.

Hopefully, it will take off, others will join me, and we all make tons of money.  🙂

Here I go below with my 1st TNN article:

GOP voted for plans to cut $56.8 billion from Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which oversees the derivative market in US.

The GOP, who represents and rubberstamps for the special interests of wealthy Americans, argue that the CFTC is hampering their rich campaign donors’ business in requiring more and more paperwork in pilfering the money of “suckers”/investors.

Democrats, being the minority in the House, put a ceremonial fight, but under the GOP threats to cut other Federal Government spending, will most likely cave.

One DNC Congressman, unwilling to give his/her name in fear of publicity, told reporters that the CFTC was ineffective any ways, and plus, most DNC members of the house are being paid to look the other way for big banks any ways, that every one knew that they would have to cut the CFTC.

Even Obama insiders have said, the President’s pro-business cabinet members were not arguing hard against the CFTC cut in public, choosing instead to “home in” the messages that the GOP was hurting economy, as the main 2012 campaign message.

“Can’t say GOP was hurting the economy, if we keep calling for more oversight of business.”  One Whitehouse official said in a ritzy downtown DC bar.

But every one in the DC political scene seem to be acknowledge that cutting CFTC’s funding would not stimulate much economy any ways, as the hot US dollars will still keep flowing out, and back, in a cycle of US debt, US banks and foreign markets.

In the face mounting pressures on European governments to cut spending and protests against austerity measures, US government is resigned to use tax cuts and printed money to extend welfare to the average citizen, even as food prices continue to rise.

Some have argued a resurgency for US manufacturing.  However, there is little sign that the extra bail out money for US banks have flowed back to US manufacturing.


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