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Translation: Betting on U.S. immigration officials to jump on this illegal “Jasmine Revolution” political refugee business soon

Couple months ago first words on the Chinese “Jasmine Revolution” appeared on an overseas Chinese political blog, Boxun, and has since led to much media hysteria in the West. Two individuals have come forth claiming credit for this call. Below is my translation of an article written by a Boxun forum user, 华龙(Hua Long), titled, “政治难民生意来了 谢万军、王军涛抢破头.” In English, that’d be, “Xie Wangjun, Wang Juntao Brawl Over Political Refugee Business.” Maybe the U.S. immigration officials ought to take a look. I will keep an eye out on how long this lasts. I will also inform if there is any peep from the Western media about this story but won’t hold my breadth.

[Boxun Forum]
Author: Hua Long 3/9/2011

Xie Wangjun and Wang Juntao in US were among the happiest, when a few anonymous Chinese netters started this “Jasmine Revolution”. A big deal finally arrived after all these years. The two of them went back and forth on Facebook, one said he’s the generalisimo of the movement and the other, all the public notices were his. The two of them brawled over it so much, even the Americans couldn’t take it anymore, so they sent Wei Jingshen out to yell at these two nincompoops. Wang was thin skinned so he stepped aside, while Xie shamelssly protested. With money on the table, forget you Wei Jingshen.

So what’s the story? Both Xie and Wang have been in the political asylum illegal immigration business for years. You pay some money, they get you in front of the Chinese embassy for a few protests, then give the evidence to US immigration so those dumbasses will grant you political asylum. This is the so called “political refugee”.

But the immigration officials got smart in the last couple years. China’s economy surpassed Japan, where are all these political refugees coming from? Is China like Iraq or Afghanistan? Naturally business is not good for Xie and Wang, because there’re not many “achievements” to show for. But now it’s different. With this Jasmine Revolution, of course the Chinese government will “suppress”, naturally producing “political refugees”, giving them business. Heck, just see who’s more enthusiastic, who’s first to the market. The Americans are stupid, you holler a little on the net, they think it’s real!

Historical Backgounder:

Xie Wangjun currently uses the “China Democratic Party Headquarter” to conduct political asylum business. Xie tells Chinese entered illegally who are looking for legal residency that, US Congress has agreed to provide “immigration amnesty” to party members under his “China Democratic Party Headquarter” leadership. Anyone joining his “China Democratic Party”, holding “party membership appointment document” signed by him, can receive green card thru political asylum. Xie also tells his clients, US immigration’s aslyum office and judges are under Congressional order to grant “unofficial amnesty”; his “China Democracy Party” members receiving green cards thru political asylum is a mere “formality”, as a way for the US government to “semi-officially” support China Democracy Party under the covers.

Wang Juntao uses China Democratic Party to petition poltical asylum in his business, mostly in New York. That is why his friends in New York are fans of the “National Council”, knowing full well there no such open “council” in China, only to go along for the profits behind it and as a center for political asylum business in America. Not only does it give oneself the highest legal credential for political asylum, it also keeps Wang’s “friends” out of his territory, leading to a monopoly in US political asylum market.

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    May 16th, 2011 at 15:36 | #1

    Wang and Xie are quite entrepreneurial and clever.

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