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Following is a story of triumph about 高逸峰 (Gao Yifeng) on the wildly popular “中国达人秀” (“China’s Got Talent”) show. According to the Baike page, Gao once owned a very large business. Through mismanagement, his company went bankrupt. He re-emerged into a much more modest endeavor. Below is my translation of his conversation with the judge before he performs, “从头再来.” This song is one of my favorite, and with Gao bearing his battle scar while performing it, I can see how he was able to move his audience to tears.

Judge: What are you performing?
Gao Yifeng: Sing a song
Judge: Where are you from?
Gao Yifeng: Anhui
Judge: How old are you?
Gao Yifeng: 49
Judge: Your hair is very special. It looks great. Did you color it or is it naturally that way?

Gao Yifeng: Ten or so years ago, after my business collapsed, and within few days, my hair turned white.
Judge: What type of business are you in?
Gao Yifeng: I am currently the owner of a bun (as in pork bun) store.
Judge: You once had a business that went bankrupt. Now you are the owner of a store that makes buns.
Gao Yifeng: Yes.
Judge: Hair turned white.
Gao Yifeng: Yes.
Judge: Hair remained white ever since. How is your bun business?
Gao Yifeng: Business is okay. Getting by.
Judge: Then you should turn your hair back to black.
Gao Yifeng: I don’t want to.
Judge: (laughs)
Gao Yifeng: Seeing it in the mirror will give me some . . .
Judge: What did you do in your original business?
Gao Yifeng: Original business had 1000 some employees.
Judge: Had 1000 some employees?
Gao Yifeng: Must be a big operation.
Judge: It was alright.
Gao Yifeng: In what field?
Judge: Amusement park.
Gao Yifeng: Amusement park with 1000 some employees.
Judge: From the owner of such a large business to that of a bun store.
Gao Yifeng: Yes.
Judge: Do you feel you were happier then or now?
Gao Yifeng: Just different.
Judge: Then, you felt greatness and now, ordinary.
Gao Yifeng: Yes.
Judge: Ordinary enough to compete in this talent show.
Gao Yifeng: I have always loved to sing.
Judge: In what ways do you think you sing differently compared to others?
Gao Yifeng: Maybe I have a more profound perception for it.
Judge: Will you sing with the persona of the large business owner or the bun store owner’s?
Gao Yifeng: Perhaps I am singing from the perspective of one who have failed and having found himself.
Judge: Awesome.
Gao Yifeng: (sings)

  1. zack
    June 10th, 2011 at 21:17 | #1

    really, quite touching; you can see he’s lived his music

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