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China Sets to be #1 in Deep Sea Exploration


China sent exploration ship Jiaolong to the Pacific, to test diving depth.  (And signally potential to go after the newly discovered rare earth deposit).

Barely more than a month after Japan announced discovery of new rare earth mineral deposit in the Pacific seafloor, China test its new submergible ship for new depths.

Setting further goal for next year to dive down to 7000 meters, to break the current record for deep dive.

This is China’s answer to Japan and US of course.  Rare Earth in the Sea, you say?  Hmmm…. We’ll look into it.


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  1. zack
    July 26th, 2011 at 23:24 | #1

    just saw this on the news on youtube;
    the Chinese sub broke all previous records; this is a bright day for humanity, for the prospects for deep sea research and even deep sea mineral extraction

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