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CNN’s latest look at a Shengzhen toy factory in going green

CNN is basically trash, though today I was forwarded a link to their look at a toy factory in Shengzhen trying to be more green. Of course, the typical Western view of the Chinese factory is like that of 19th century America or U.K.. There are horrendous working conditions, I am sure, in other sectors such as rare earth and coal mining. The Chinese government absolutely needs to try to help upgrade working conditions in those sectors – perhaps by taxing consumption and exports. While the picture in China is mixed, the view in the West is completely distorted – or at times through outright lies – (see recent Mike Daisy article by Charles Liu and Allen). So, I appreciate this report by CNN, because it adds sorely needed balance in the West about ‘China.’ A rare first – note also it mentions 30% of China’s pollution are on behalf of exports – for making products others around the world get to enjoy. Can’t believe I am saying this, that is a rare honesty in a Western media deserving applause.

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  1. Charles Liu
    March 22nd, 2012 at 01:14 | #1

    This report might be from CNN International, which is different. Glad to see it’s balanced but uncertain if it can counter balance the dominate narrative. A lot of the Apple Foxconn stories repeat stuff like people forced to stand for long hours without breaks, then show photos of people sitting at the production line (even the CNN segment shows people sitting), and dirty dorm, bathroom these people supposedly have no time to soil.

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