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Why there are no “50 Centers” in the West?

Because the governments like in US, are busy creating “high tech sock puppets” to do the supposed propaganda of the “50 centers”.


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Now, according to the non-denied report, the US military hired at least 1 software company to design a software that can create and control accounts of fake “people”, to pretend that they are real people, to infiltrate social media networks, and to “counter propaganda”.

Well, I don’t know about whether some REAL person is spreading “propaganda”, but I’m pretty sure that fake “people” would be considered “propaganda” in itself.  Afterall, a crowd of fake “people” writing a particular bent / spin of political message from the A-hole of a computer program that resides somewhere in the Pentagon building (in this case, somewhere in Florida), sounds more fake than a REAL person who is bribed /paid into writing comments.

So, be careful, and be aware.  Next person you think you may be “debating”, might not even be paid to do it.  Heck, that “person” might not need to sleep, might not have a mouth or a brain.  It’s some pre-recorded pre-programmed BS repeater, Made in U.S.A.  At the very least, they are not even in the Human Species.

Which sort of explains the kind of repetitive SPAM we had here in HH.

Well, now at least, if you do encounter these repeaters of BS, you can call them for what they are, “SOCK PUPPETS”!!



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  1. Charles Liu
    July 10th, 2012 at 10:04 | #1

    It’s ironic give the fact the “50 Cent Party” indictment is most vocally promoted by those with close ties to western government and well-funded think tanks, against people’s with opinion they object, not because there’s any evidence of financial connection.

    Matter of fact, affiliation and association with the likes of OSI, USAID, the NED, are easily found with the vocal accusers like Global Voice Online, China Digital Times, and the numerous suppsedly NGO on the NED’s government grant publications, outside the obvious government mouth piece like VOA, RFA.

    And there’s a name for them – the actually provable US Cent Party (Mei Feng Dang), Travel Guide Party (Dai Lu Dang) – the REAL government astroturfers which you never see our supposedly independent media talk about when covering China.

    It’s especially ironic this “you’re a commie if you agree with the CCP” accusation is made by those that are well connected, against the truly grassroots who are not falling for the Official Narrative on China and decided to speak up and provide an alternative voice.

    Who’re the REAL believers of “participatory media”? Those make McCarthyist-esq indictment to stifle exchange of ideas, or those who speak their mind without strings attached?

  2. Charles Liu
    July 10th, 2012 at 10:16 | #2

    And US State Department paying millions to pump nutty Falun Gong propaganda into China is another open secret our independent media self-censors:


    See for yourself the hacking tools US government paid for that is specifically aimed at China.

  3. Charles Liu
    July 10th, 2012 at 11:31 | #3

    And anyone still remember astroturfer Jeff Gannon back in the Bush days?


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