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Lotus and Water Lily from Shanghai People’s Park

Hello from Shanghai! My family arrived yesterday. We were expecting Shanghai to be hot and humid, but the recent rain has made the weather more pleasant. We had a moment to stroll through 人民公园 (People’s Park) this morning, and, to our pleasant surprise, were met with a pond where lotus and water lily are in full bloom! Rain drops are still clinging on to the flowers. We saw old Chinese folks exercising at the park. An old man with a Nikon film camera was happy to see me with my Canon 5D Mark 2. He kept asking me to try various shots – so he doesn’t have to go through his films as quickly. I was more than happy to oblige. The whole place is rather lush. It’s a contrast to the many high rises and other man-made stuff that crowd Shanghai.

Lotus in full bloom at Renmin Park (Shanghai)

Lotus at Renmin Park (Shanghai)

Lotus at Renmin Park (Shanghai)

Taichi exercise at Renmin Park

“South Pole Stone”

Water Lily at Renmin Park (Shanghai)

Rain drops pooled together by a lotus leaf at Remin Park (Shanghai)

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  2. JJ
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    Wow, beautiful photos! And the Water Lily one is amazing!

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