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Shanghai’s Pudong in 1990 vs 2010

March 22nd, 2013 2 comments

I first came across the following image at The difference in 20 years is indeed amazing. Pudong in 1990 vs 2010. As a point of reference, the two large arrows point to the same building. China now needs to work hard to make those white clouds come back more frequently.

Shanghai's Pudong 1990 vs 2010

Shanghai’s Pudong 1990 vs 2010

Spectacular Shanghai

August 2nd, 2012 1 comment

I took the following photos of Shanghai’s Lujiazui and Bund areas on July 30th. (h/t to Shaun Rein for recommending the Hyatt where I took the night shots and 龙信明 for taking me up to the 91st floor of the World Financial Center.) It was a beautiful day in Shanghai with fog completely gone, showing a pristine blue sky with white clouds lazily meandering about. Emperor Qianlong left his writings at the Shaolin Temple proclaiming his greatness, for during his visit, rain finally poured in Henan Province ending months of drought. Well, I hence forth proclaim my visit has brought Shanghai spectacular blue skies!

The Oriental Peal Tower with blue sky and white clouds. (Click for hi-res view)

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Lotus and Water Lily from Shanghai People’s Park

July 13th, 2012 2 comments

Hello from Shanghai! My family arrived yesterday. We were expecting Shanghai to be hot and humid, but the recent rain has made the weather more pleasant. We had a moment to stroll through 人民公园 (People’s Park) this morning, and, to our pleasant surprise, were met with a pond where lotus and water lily are in full bloom! Rain drops are still clinging on to the flowers. We saw old Chinese folks exercising at the park. An old man with a Nikon film camera was happy to see me with my Canon 5D Mark 2. He kept asking me to try various shots – so he doesn’t have to go through his films as quickly. I was more than happy to oblige. The whole place is rather lush. It’s a contrast to the many high rises and other man-made stuff that crowd Shanghai.

Lotus in full bloom at Renmin Park (Shanghai)

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Shanghai in 272 Gigapixels

May 1st, 2012 3 comments

Following is a picture of Shanghai in 272 giga-pixels. Clicking on it will launch a new window allowing you to click and zoom. Can you find the Howard Johnson building? The Tiffany and Company billboard? All the key buildings that make the Shanghai skyline are easy to find. I am not quite sure how this image was put together. Here is a collection of 20+ giga-pixel photographs, all of which are amazine!

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Shanghai Style: Pajamas in the Great Outdoors

November 26th, 2009 19 comments

Shanghai PajamasIt seems the long held social custom of Shanghainese to walk down the street in their pajamas is causing some discomfort to the organizers of the Shanghai World Expo scheduled for next year and a campaign has been started by the municipal government to end the practice.

It’s not that unusual to see middle aged women milling around on the street in their pajamas, or even walking to the subway or local shopping mall. So the slogan “No Pajamas in Public – be Civilized for the Expo” has been coined to end what the government feels is uncivilized behavior in a modern, world class city. As China Daily columnist Raymond Zhou said recently in “In Defense of Pajamas”:

“So, it’s not really about whether we like it, but rather about whether we are liked. Again, it’s the quintessential concept of “face” and “saving face”.

Not many Chinese are shocked to see a street full of pajama-wearing pedestrians, but if international visitors feel squeamish about it we should stop doing it. Or so the implied rationale for the crackdown goes.”

The city’s tactic to stamp out street pajama wearers was to create a team of 500 volunteers to use persuasion at bus stops and other venues to convince pajama wearing Shanghainese residents to change their clothes.

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(Letter from MutantJedi) Follow up on Yang Jia

September 6th, 2008 6 comments

July 9th, Buxi posted a story about Yang Jia. I think many of us were hoping that his trail would have been public, would have been transparent. But it wasn’t. Rather it was done in closed session. Read more…

Chinese police adopt new form of self-defense

July 9th, 2008 63 comments

The other headline story in China over the last week has been the murder of 6 police officers in Shanghai. Yang Jia, an unemployed man originally from Beijing, attacked a public security office building, stabbing to death 6 officers.

All of this happened just as the Weng’an riot story itself became white hot, and the Chinese internet response was predictably extreme (and in my opinion, disgusting). After seeing local injustices, some Chinese netizens basically celebrated the attacks on the police. Yang was often described as one of the Robin Hood-type heroes forced to rebel in Outlaws of the Marsh (水浒传). Many simply assumed Yang acted for a reason, that previous police abuse was the reason for his anger; a rumor was spread that Yang had been beaten so badly his sex organs were injured.

The Shanghai public security ministry has been placed on the defensive, forced to explain whether Yang Jia was “justified” in his attack. Yesterday, Shanghai issued a 6-hour recording from an encounter last October, apparently the seed of Yang Jia’s anger (连接). Part of the transcript is translated below:

After a series of horn blasts, a middle aged man with a Shanghai accent (police officer) begins a dialog with a young man with a Beijing accent (Yang Jia).

Officer: Hey pal, please stop your bicycle for an examination!

Yang Jia: There are so many people on the road, why are you picking on me?

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