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The Ugly Side Shows Through from the US “Soft Power” Experiment: Freedom in Exporting Extremism.

Take away the more obvious examples of “Arab Spring”, where US and other Western nations were literally sending violent extremists who wanted to join “jihad” in places like Syria, which now culminating in the same extremists armed with US supplied weapons forming into groups like ISIS and streaming across into Northern Iraq, creating a visible blow back against the Western powers that initiated this whole catastrophic reaction.

No, there are other signs of more obvious direct exporting of extremist ideologies, in the recent push for US “soft power”, which are devastating developing nations, with funding from the US government, in the name of “freedom”.

None of it has any thing to do with “freedom” or “democracy”, but all about destruction of poor nations and imposing Western morality (some even outdated ones) to control/maintain Western footholds.


While US harps on Iran and Russia for their anti-gay laws, Uganda was mobilized by US religious extremists (under the guise of religious freedom, with some funding from US government), to make their existing anti-gay laws even HARSHER.  Uganda inherited some anti-gay laws from their former British Colonial overlords.  But recently, Uganda made them harsher.  Uganda public and media have been infected with anti-gay fever, that TV and News are perpetuating stereotypes and hate against homosexuals, Fox News style barraging.

UK itself didn’t decriminalize homosexuality until the 1960’s, and even then, in 1980’s, UK under Thatcher implicitly censored homosexual from public advocacy under the infamous Section 28 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_28).

The more they TALK in freedom, the worse it apparently gets.  Classic Mob and Rumor mentality.

Apparently, all that “freedom” really doesn’t protect those in the minority afterall.

*So, where did it go wrong for US Soft power?

Well, if one is to export US “soft power” of its ideals, then one has to ask, what is US’s ideals?

If you have lived in US lately, you will know that ideal is not about “protecting the little guys” any more.  It’s “Corporations are People”, and He who has money can say whatever loudly.  So, is it really any wonder that when it went to places like Uganda, it’s a new class of Colonial Masters with money and self-righteous morality who are condemning minorities with hate speech?  I mean, Americans are doing it at home too, where the Rich openly say the Poor are just lazy moochers, and where racism is renewal because the racists are apparent just “getting over racism” and ignoring it entirely.

* The lesson for China here is clear.

US “soft power” is just another form of sugar-coated neo-Imperialism.  Even if not directly intended, it is a reckless policy that’s destroying nations.

China should guard itself against it and the extremism that comes with it.

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