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Rachel Dolezal, Hong Kong Independenters, and the Question of Identity

Recently news headlines in U.S. suddenly switched on a dime from the police shootings on black men/boys to Rachel Dolezal on her fake black identity. It’s as if all those police shootings which Guardian keeping count exceeded 500 killings this year never existed, with fake and real outrages at Ms. Dolezal dominating all discussions. Meanwhile Hong Kong legislature vetoed the election plan with the news of arrests of some Hong Kong independent advocates planning violence, with some democracy advocates displaying British flag as their loyalty/protest. In China, because of recent killings on the border from renegades from North Korea, Kim dynasty being in low esteem, there was an attempt by anti-Maoists to blacken PLA by questioning the veracity of PLA martyrs during the Korean War. The revisionism of history even extended to the initial entry of PLA to Xinjiang by posting a supposed conversation between Mao and General Huang, commander of troop there, offering the reformed prostitutes from Shanghai as wives for the battalion and above commanders there.

All those stories revolve on the question of identity. I lived in Shanghai until 1959. To me Korean War hero like Huang Jiguang who used his chest to silence a machine gun so his comrades can triumph in attacking the enemy position was something to emulate. He was my hero. I think of the exhortation of to go to where the motherland needs you the most as natural. I think if I stayed in China I would have volunteered to go to Xinjiang as a pioneer. Having lived in U.S. for so many years bred cynicism, yet I don’t question as some do in China on the heroism of Huang. After all, even in U.S. we hear about the Medal of Honor Winner from Vietnam War who throw his body on top of a grenade to save others. Even those terrorists who committed suicides in hijacking planes during 9/11 can’t be because of the 77 virgins after death, for they did go to a strip joint to drink and ogle the night before.

So it really saddens  and angers me when those Hong Kongers unfurled British flag to show disdain for China, and author Sun Junhong insulted those second and third generation off springs of demobilized soldiers in Xinjiang with genes of whores. I understand her Weibo account was closed after complains from others, and surely there will be cries of censorship. I think China should tighten the rules of censorship, initiate more education reforms away from market, subsidize patriotic education in Hong Kong, and maybe force those independents out of Hong Kong. Professor Zhang said he’s not worried about emigration, as more people away from China learned about the real world, the more patriotic they became. I agree with him completely and wish China allows those dissidents to emigrate to learn real world of so call democracy.


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  1. raffiaflower
    June 19th, 2015 at 08:59 | #1

    those inbred dullards waving the British flag don’t hate China or love Hong Kong. They hate themselves.
    Even if China were to grant independence to Hong Kong, these people would probably still be hostile because what they really want is to be ….Western and white.
    It’s just like those Japanese who lament their geographical position since they “left” Asia politically more than a century ago and became `honorary whites’, that is, tolerated in the Western pecking order.
    These phony Hong Kong types can’t cut the mustard at all. No one told them that London wouldn’t give British passports to their colonial slaves when they gave up their last Asian asset?

  2. pug_ster
    June 20th, 2015 at 19:56 | #2

    Western propaganda media circus going around asking if Dolezal is black or white. Longest running joke since Michael Jackson.

  3. Black Pheonix
    June 21st, 2015 at 12:48 | #3

    I can sympathize with Rachel Dolezal, and even with some HK localists. I can sympathize with their need to define their own racial/ethnic identity.

    But my sympathy and their needs don’t overrule Reality of who they are.

    At the end of the day Rachel Dolezal, despite her undoubted closeness to the African American community, is White, because that how she is perceived and treated by the public. (She wouldn’t even be persecuted for speaking in sympathy for minorities).

    At the end of the day, HK localists are Chinese, by citizenship and by being treated equally before Chinese laws and treaties.

    Pretending to be someone they are not, because of how much they really want to be, only makes them look ridiculous.

    At least Rachel Dolezal doesn’t go around talking trash about White people.

  4. N.M.Cheung
    June 22nd, 2015 at 12:52 | #4

    I gave Rachel Dolezal as an example that free speech in West is as much an illusion, and not much better than censorship in China. All those concerns about police shootings suddenly disappeared from the media and replaced with some irrelevancy about self identity. Now with the Charleston shootings dominating the news, there are some talk on racism, but it will also fade as feel good news will gradually replace any serious discussion.

  5. June 22nd, 2015 at 15:22 | #5

    “The revisionism of history even extended to the initial entry of PLA to Xinjiang by posting a supposed conversation between Mao and General Huang, commander of troop there, offering the reformed prostitutes from Shanghai as wives for the battalion and above commanders there.”

    I didn’t read the original report and I presume it is negative in nature. In reality, after 1949 the CCP implemented the most tremendous social reform ever in Chinese history. Former prostitutes, drug addicts and triad members were send to reeducation camp. Yes, I know reeducation camp was painted very negatively in western press but it is really a reeducation camp teaching new skill to the former untouchables of the society. The CCP truly believes in the equality of all people, so much so that it encouraged its party members and soldiers to marry those reformed prostitutes.

    From early 1950s to around 1980s, no prostitutes, drug addicts or triad members existed on mainland China. I called that a phenomenal achievement. People who are nostalgic about Mao’s time, remember this as well.


  6. N.M.Cheung
    June 23rd, 2015 at 06:05 | #6

    You probably can get her Weibo postings on Google as her China postings were deleted. She actually quoted some other postings from Weibo as her evidence. China never denied that prostitutes from Shanghai were treated and helped for new beginnings, some 800 of them volunteered to go to Xinjiang in 55. Some 8,000 women from Hunan and 6,000 from Shantung were recruited to go to Xinjiang from 53, most married the PLA and local Hans there. Ms. Sung was born in 1990 and became a best seller in China, and posted as a big V in China. The thing that got me is she was two faced in attacking Mao both as a feminist by saying prostitutes did nothing wrong being as sex workers and hence no need to rehabilitate, and then used the fact of their being former prostitutes by using traditional Chinese slur by calling their genetic off springs of whores. There are valid criticism of Mao using parents’ background, of landlord or bourgeoisie, as determining their political views, but for anti-Maoists using the same language is ironic.

  7. WayneLo
    July 5th, 2015 at 04:55 | #7

    Having worked in Hong Kong for many years as an engineer, I can assure you they are the most disgusting white worshipping running dogs the world has even seen. Period.

    The fact is having worked alongside British engineers in Hong Kong, and having being brought up in the West, I can tell you these whites have an inherent racism and disdain towards Chinese, yet these Hong Kong dogs will do anything to please their masters.

    The next time these brats take to the streets I truly hope the PLA will be waiting to cure them of their ‘lead’ deficiency.

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